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Sunday 15 September, 2013

I just wanted to say thank you and leave my thoughts on my purchase. I bought the amazing Queen Obscene shirt as well as a patch set with 4 patches in it for my vests/jackets. I was very pleased with the quality of the patches, they don't feel cheap and the large Crashdiet patch I put on the back of my concert vest has stood up to many pits without tearing or getting damaged. The Queen Obscene shirt fits wonderfully and looks just as awesome. When I'd seen Crashdiet in Toronto, Ontario, Canada I purchased the World Without Rules ladies tee and was a bit disappointed that the sleeves we very tight even though the rest of the shirt fit well. I ended up turning it into a back patch for another vest, so it did not go to waste. I was worried that the Queen Obscene shirt would be tight as well but was very happy to see it was not. Overall I am very happy with my experience with the online store, and will most certainly buy again. I've got my eye on that awesome Crash Fucking Diet shirt next!
by: Tasha Lazaravich — London, Ontario, Canada