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The best web-shop EVER!!

Wednesday 11 September, 2013

First off i wanna say, this is coming from a guy that┬┤s a total " Skviknarkare" ( That┬┤s swedish and it means recordmaniac/fanatic music collector..sort of ) . And im always constantly buying and ordering stuff from different bands web-shops allround the globe, and i must say that i┬┤ve never EVER come across such a great service and fast shipping as with these guys,It┬┤s really amazing how great they are, it doesn┬┤t matter if its about answering emails if you have any questions ( wiitch they btw do like..i a nano second each and every time??! ). They deeply really,really care about there costumer being 100% satisfied!!. And that for me is such a valuable thing, cause it makes you want to keep supporting the guys over and over again, and keep buyng stuff on a regular basis!. And the designs on the shirt??, F-ME!! don┬┤t even get me started on that!!. The guys really steps out of the ball park on this one, and make stuff and shirt-designs that they would LOVE and would kill for go...
by: Dany Thunder — , Sweden