Shop Review

First but definitely not last purchase

Sunday 20 July, 2014

I seized the chance and placed my order during the Midsummer sale last month - and it was really worthy!
I bought the black Anarchy tank top, the Yellow Logo T-Shirt and then 'Born to die free' longsleeve. All three are of great quality and I love them. The print on the Yellow logo shirt is actually a bit greenish which cannot be seen very well on the picture in the shop, but it's okay.
The delivery time was alright, considering Peter probably had his hands full managing all the orders. Still it has been the longest week waiting for the package to arrive :'D
I'm sure I will buy from them again. It's awesome that the shop is managed by then band itself and if the cost/quality ratio is alright I am more than willing to support them.
Thanks a lot!!!
by: Jasmin H. — Germany