Yes, we ship worldwide!

Estimated delivery times (once shipped):

Sweden : 1-2 days
Europe : 3-7 days
The rest : 5-14 days

So what’s the shipping rate?

I wish I had a more definite answer here :). Setting up fair shipping costs for a shop that ship worldwide - in a country where the shipping rates are amongst the highest in the world - is a difficult task, and I’m currently looking into ways to simplify this whole thing.

However, the shortest answer would be that the shipping cost we will charge you depends on what you have in your cart (the total weight) and where the order is going.

The best way to find out the shipping before you checkout is to use our Shipping Estimator.

First, add the stuff you want to your cart, then view your shopping cart :

And then click “Shipping Estimator” in the bottom left corner :

Contact us anytime if you have additional questions!


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