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  • Socks


    by Hermanni Rissanen
    These socks are the best. They feel so good in the leg, because quality is very good, the print looks awesome. I have bought many of these and i think i will buy even more of these in the future. Strongly recommend, you will never use any other socks once you have tried these.
  • Here To Stay T-Shirt

    Here To Stay T-Shirt

    by Tuisku Nivala
    Simply the best shirt I've worn. The fabric feels awesome and the print is super cool. Nothing to add to that.
  • Wanna Riot...? Tank Top

    Wanna Riot...? Tank Top

    by Marco Anelli
    This item is awesome. I love the drawing on it and the material is very good and comfortable. I always wear it! There's nothing bad about it! And peter was very available and kind to satisfy all my doubts. Very well Peter! The shipping was a little bit long,but don't worry,I can get it. And thanks for the signatures!
  • Generation Wild (Gatefold LP)

    Generation Wild (Gatefold LP)

    by Shelby de Rond
    This is absolutely amazing! It plays really well, and has lots of great photos and I love the bonus track Hollywood teaze! Shipping is really fast as well! Also, peter london signed it for me, which proves that Crashdïet is obviously the best band in the world:)
  • Socks


    by Shelby de Rond
    My favourite socks! I bought two pairs so I would have backup if I lost one, but so far I haven't lost any, which is great! Shipping is really quick as well :)
  • Cotton Bag

    Cotton Bag

    by Shelby de Rond
    This bag is really awesome and I use it all the time now. It is slightly see-through but apart from that, it is amazing! Shipping was really quick also :)
  • Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    by Shelby de Rond
    This t shirt is probably now my favourite, and I wear it all the time. It is super comfortable, looks really great (even though the colours are a bit different from how it appears in the photo, it is slightly greener and the colours slightly brighter). Also, shipping was amazing and even arrived a day before it was estimated! This is an awesome shirt :)


    by Imogen Grant
    I purchased this for my boyfriend and we are both extremely happy with how good it looks. Amazing quality, top quality product.
  • Pink Generation Wild Lady Shirt

    Pink Generation Wild Lady Shirt

    by Akiko Maekawa
    I love this because it makes me feel that I am a pretty woman :)
  • Born To Die Free T-Shirt (2010)

    Born To Die Free T-Shirt (2010)

    by Carol Shaw
    I have had this t-shirt for nearly two years now and it is probably the item I wear the most frequently. It's a brilliant fit. I'm a size 10/12 woman and bought this in a size S; although this is a men's shirt, it still fits great, not too loose and certainly not too tight like a lot of women's clothing. It's pretty long and falls below the belt, which is another thing I like in t-shirts. The neckline is beginning to slacken a bit from use, but I do wear it just about every other day, and otherwise this is still a great shirt and absolutely my fave. Fantastic design too (:
  • Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    My CD arrived today and I'm so happy :)
    It's an amazing CD, I just loveeee it!!!!
    Thank you Peter!!!!! You're always kind...
  • Bundle : Generation Wild Badges

    Bundle : Generation Wild Badges

    by Nina Kuehl
    Awesome buttons. Very good quality. Want more! :-)
  • Backpatch


    by Nina Kuehl
    Definitely the greatest backpatch ever!
  • Cotton Bag

    Cotton Bag

    by Nina Kuehl
    Awesome bag. Very stylish. High quality color and print. It´s now one of my favourite accessories. :-)
  • Cruz & London Tank Top (White)

    Cruz & London Tank Top (White)

    by Nina Kuehl
    My boyfriend really loves this high quality shirt. It fits perfectly and makes him look like a rockstar. :-D
  • Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    by Nina Kuehl
    It´s my favourite shirt and I really love it. Print, cloth and color are very good quality and it fits perfectly.
  • Whiskey Hoodie

    Whiskey Hoodie

    by Nina Kuehl
    High quality cloth, print and color. Very nice design overall. Thumbs up! :-)
  • Whiskey Lady Shirt (Grey)

    Whiskey Lady Shirt (Grey)

    by Thais Altessor da Silva
    This shirt is very pretty and lovely!
    It is one of my favorites and is perfect in the body
    I bought it when I went in the CrashDïet Brazilian Tour 2014 ❤
  • Wrist Band

    Wrist Band

    by Thais Altessor da Silva
    I have to say that it is top quality, comfortable, fits perfectly and has great size!
    Everyone should have one of these !!!
  • Lined up - Low Cut Racerback Top

    Lined up - Low Cut Racerback Top

    by Thais Altessor da Silva
    Beautiful Tank Top! Perfect like CrashDïet ❤
    Amazing print, comfortable and high quality.
    I have and I love!


    by Sergio Herrera
    Really like the size and the quality of the flag, u should put out another couple of designs , they are kick ass and provide a good enviroment in the bedroom :) Thnx !!
  • The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    by Sara Volpe
    Very cool songs! GREAT band :)
  • Skullz T-Shirt

    Skullz T-Shirt

    by Sergio Herrera
    Really nice shirt, couldn't be happier with it !! thnx guys !!
  • The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

    The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

    by Katja Altmann
    My favourite t-shirt. I love the print and the soft material. It's comfy as hell. Great quality for a great price. _3
  • Rusty Born To Die Free T-Shirt

    Rusty Born To Die Free T-Shirt

    by Katja Altmann
    The shirt fits perfectly and has a nice feel to it. The quality of the material is great, as is the print.