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  • 2x Vinyl Stickers

    2x Vinyl Stickers

    by Jane Mackay
    One sticker went promptly on my laptop, and the other is waiting for the perfect home. They're a good size, and I love the simplicity of the logo.
  • Metal Wallet

    Metal Wallet

    by Jane Mackay
    I LOVE this wallet! It's the coolest idea! It's not much good for holding much cash as it the bills have to be folded over twice in order to fit, and then the wallet gets too fat and doesn't close firmly, but it's just right for cards, ID, etc. It's perfect pocket size and I've not seen another wallet like it anywhere.
  • Here To Stay T-Shirt

    Here To Stay T-Shirt

    by Daniel Pressert
    Looks perfect, fits perfect, one of my fav shirts.
  • Whiskey T-Shirt (Black)

    Whiskey T-Shirt (Black)

    by Brett Harrison
    Excellent quality shirt. Great material, and soft as well! The fit was a little bit slimmer than I expected, but a few modifications and it will be fine :) Keep up with the awesome quality merch!! Cheers!!
  • Spirit Flask

    Spirit Flask

    by Adam Hall
    Awesome spirit flask! Brilliant quality and arrived quickly
  • Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    by Adam Hall
    Awesome t-shirt! Arrived very quickly
  • Skullz T-Shirt

    Skullz T-Shirt

    by Anton Smuk
    Great quality t-shirt, soft and slightly stretchy. Just what I wanted!
  • Bundle : The Unattractive Badges

    Bundle : The Unattractive Badges

    by Anton Smuk
    Great set of pins, fast delivery!
  • Bundle : Rest In Sleaze Badges

    Bundle : Rest In Sleaze Badges

    by Anton Smuk
    Great pins, got them here quick. Awesome value!
  • Black Patch

    Black Patch

    by Anton Smuk
    Great patch, high quality. Just as expected from a great, high quality band!
  • The Unattractive Revolution DVD [PAL]

    The Unattractive Revolution DVD [PAL]

    by Max Contini
    I bought this DVD for two reasons: I really love Dave's works and music, and I really love Olli's works and music (I met him some months ago and we talked for long). What's the best way to put this two things together?
    Simple: this DVD.
    I have to be honest: I think that Olli's voice with Crashdïet is not one of his best performance and Olli is not one of the best voices of Crashdïet (Reckless Love is absolutely another thing), my favourites are Dave (of course) and Simon but I think that that was an hard and a changing period for the band and this is good material anyway.
    It was strange, even if a good sensation, to listen Dave's songs sung from Olli.
    It's a good concert and a good DVD, but there's a thing I did not like: the stage as a graveyard. I thing that that was one of the first gigs after Dave's death and it was not nice to sing in a "graveyard". This was my first impression but I understand that it could be a "tribute" to what happened.
  • Rest In Sleaze DVD [PAL]

    Rest In Sleaze DVD [PAL]

    by Max Contini
    What can I say? I've really knew Crashdïet only in the last months, even if I heard their CD sometimes.
    In the last months I took care of the Dave's history and buying this DVD was a way to see him live and to understand his way of feeling and living music. I will always miss that guy, even if I did'nt met him when he was alive.
    Thank you Dave for all you have done.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    This DVD is a piece of history, also for the quality and other little things you can understand watching the show: there was not HD at that time, no smartphone and so on but the music... the music is always music!
    Buy this DVD if you can, I think it's one of the best piece of music of the last 20 years with "Rest in sleaze".
    Miss you Dave.
    Rest in sleaze, my friend.
  • Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    by Max Contini
    Great CD, great music, great Dave Lepard!
    I will always miss him!
    It's nice to ear other songs of that period from that genious and talented guy!
    I would have loved to find "Lost horizons" in this CD but I hope this will not be the last one... as the "Volume 1" lets think.
    Anyway, I loved the raw sound of these songs and I can't wait for the Volume 2!
  • Cotton Bag

    Cotton Bag

    by Sara Volpe
    I really love this bag! awesome :)
  • Wrist Band

    Wrist Band

    by Sara Volpe
    Super accessory! confortable,very high quality!!! :)
  • Early Lepard Era Badge

    Early Lepard Era Badge

    by Sara Volpe
    Nice design,love it
  • The Unattractive Revolution (CD)

    The Unattractive Revolution (CD)

    by Sara Volpe
    Good album and good songs,I'm in love with Falling Rain. :)
  • The Unattractive Revolution DVD [PAL]

    The Unattractive Revolution DVD [PAL]

    by Sara Volpe
    Cool Dvd,I like it. :)
  • Metal Clüb Lady Shirt

    Metal Clüb Lady Shirt

    by Sara Volpe
    I love so much the design,good product and fantastic quality :)
  • Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (White)

    Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (White)

    by Sara Volpe
    Love the design! nice t-shirt it fit good to me! :)
  • Lined up - Low Cut Racerback Top

    Lined up - Low Cut Racerback Top

    by Sara Volpe
    Super good! I love it!
  • The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

    The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

    by Sara Volpe
    High quality,perfect. :)
  • Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    by Sara Volpe
    Cool tour,all songs are fantastic! :)
  • Sick Butt Beautiful Manties / Hot Pants

    Sick Butt Beautiful Manties / Hot Pants

    by Sara Volpe
    Excellent product,great quality,recommend it. :)
  • The Unattractive Revolution DVD [PAL]

    The Unattractive Revolution DVD [PAL]

    by Tim Folkesson
    Awesome show! My favourite album hands down and live! The special features could probably use english subtitles when they speak swedish but on the other hand it could use subtitles either way when Olli gets his finish on. However all the extra stuff is great and fukkin' hilarious!