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  • The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

    The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

    by Chad Erdmann
    Shirt is awesome! The purple looks great and the graphics are very cool. I will be buying more shirts for sure!
  • Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [NTSC]

    Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [NTSC]

    by Chad Erdmann
    Excellent DVD. Band honored my request to sign the insert. TONS of stuff included int he DVD. Almost difficult to watch it all at one time which is fine now that I own the DVD. Great work Guys!
  • Wrist Band

    Wrist Band

    by Thomas Caël
    I wasn't expecting such a good quality for this armband actually. It's not too thick and comfortable. Plus due to the high amount of orders, shipping was delayed but I received a nice e mail from the staff apologyzing.
    Really satisfied ! Keepup the good work. =)
  • Bumber Sticker (BIG!)

    Bumber Sticker (BIG!)

    by lars dekan
    good size and it looks very good and its very good quality
    yours cincearly Lars fuckin Dekan
  • Crashdïet Cup

    Crashdïet Cup

    by Siobhan Payne
    Love this mug! didn't take long to arrive and it didn't even has a scratch on it, which was what I was worried about since I live in the UK. Great design and a decent size. :)
  • Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    by Siobhan Payne
    Didn't take long to arrive, fits me perfectly and a great design
  • Born To Die Free Longsleeve

    Born To Die Free Longsleeve

    by Siobhan Payne
    I am in love with this shirt! usually when I buy small size long sleeve shirts they are still too big on me but this fits perfectly and the CrashDiet logo going down the arms look amazing! highly recommend this top :)
  • Here To Stay T-Shirt

    Here To Stay T-Shirt

    by katsumi kawaguchi
    White shirt is so cooool.and,also a Red logo !! Add size,thank you,Peter !!
  • Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    by katsumi kawaguchi
    It is a sense of being at the venue in good sound! and best set-list.
    Pleeeeese come to Japan !!!!!!
  • Anarchy Lady Top (Black)

    Anarchy Lady Top (Black)

    by Piia Koivunen
    Anarchy Lady Top (Black) is perfect! Really good guality and I love the picture on it _3
    Right now this is definitely my favorite top!
    And again my order came super fast, for sure I will order more stuff in the future! :)
  • Black Patch

    Black Patch

    by Piia Koivunen
    This patch is really great and so good guality! And for sure It will looks good on my jacket!
    Also my order came really fast, so I'm happy for that :)
  • Born To Die Free Longsleeve

    Born To Die Free Longsleeve

    by Susan Fredson
    Awesome product!! Great quality and shipping was fast to Canada!! Thanks! And I will definitely be buying more merchandise here!
  • Metal Clüb Lady T-Shirt

    Metal Clüb Lady T-Shirt

    by Nora Kowalski
    Received the shirt some weeks ago and I am totally in LOVE with it! Love LOVE L-O-V-E it!!!
    The quality is perfect and the shipping was fast and uncomplicated.
  • Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    by Daniel Wamsler
    What can I say? This one fits my personal QUEEN OBSCENE perfectly. The colours are really dark what lets the shirt look even cooler. I recommend this for all female CRASHDIET fans. But hands off of my lady. This QUEEN OBSCENE is private property!
  • The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    by kevin james
    Awesome cd. As good as there other cd's
  • Spirit Flask

    Spirit Flask

    by Niccolò Tummolo
    This is perfect as gift for my guitarist's birthday...30!
  • Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    by Niccolò Tummolo
    Beautiful gift for my beautiful girlfriend!!! And obscene at the same time, of course!
  • Backpatch


    by Chloe Greasley
    Nice little treat for yourself...instantly transforms a jacket and looks great on!
  • Whiskey Lady Shirt (Black)

    Whiskey Lady Shirt (Black)

    by Nico Garcia
    Well guys! I just love my new t-shirt! delivery was fine and no problems at all. t-shirt is really well done and good quality material and printing. I definitely order more stuff since I love this band! Rock on!
  • Anarchy Lady Top (Black)

    Anarchy Lady Top (Black)

    by Miriam Berninger
    I love this shirt so much. It looks great!
  • Poster flag

    Poster flag

    by Miriam Berninger
    Awesome quality!
    I love it :-)
  • Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [PAL]

    Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [PAL]

    by Jana Zobel
    great songs and a good view behind all that stuff what a band need to do
    a lot of fun

    rock on m/
  • Cotton Bag

    Cotton Bag

    by Jana Zobel
    i love it _3
    everybody is watching at it
  • Rest In Sleaze DVD [PAL]

    Rest In Sleaze DVD [PAL]

    by Maxi Neubert
    It´s a great remembrance of dave. Although the concert is not in a high quality I really love to watch this, especially the drum solo. The bonus staff makes every fan smile. I never ever want to miss this dvd again.
  • Poster flag

    Poster flag

    by Kerttu Saarinen
    I hoped and asked when you guys were doing a cool poster flag.. and at the second I saw this, I decited to order it. When it arrived: I didn't regret a second! This poster flag is really well made. It's not thin, so I bet it'll last really long. Also love the picture & logo, well-designed. Looks perfect with others. I recommend. Thank you!
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