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  • Metal Clüb T-Shirt

    Metal Clüb T-Shirt

    by Gianfranco Massidda
    I love you guys are amazing, always punctual precise keep it up!
    the shirt too pretty good product. I miss you
  • Wanna Riot...? Lady Tank Top

    Wanna Riot...? Lady Tank Top

    by Jason Brussman
    Great shirt. As with all merch. High quality.
  • Wrist Band

    Wrist Band

    by Jason Brussman
    My 4th pair! This set is for my daughter. High quality. Soft and well made. Very comfortable. I wear mine to the gym all the time.
  • Anarchy Tank Top (White)

    Anarchy Tank Top (White)

    by Lorenz Kennke
    Cool. Fast shipping. I couldn't say anything bad.
  • Kafé 44 Lady Shirt

    Kafé 44 Lady Shirt

    by Johanna Karlsson
    Love it!! So awesome!!
  • Metal Clüb Lady Shirt

    Metal Clüb Lady Shirt

    by Johanna Karlsson
    Love it!! Very cool and oldschool!
  • Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (White)

    Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (White)

    by Johanna Karlsson
  • The Savage Playground Patch #2

    The Savage Playground Patch #2

    by Alfred edge
    awesome patch great quality very pleased & great customer service ,thanx guys
  • Red Patch

    Red Patch

    by Alfred edge
    great quality , went straight on my leather , great customer service!
  • Knokk 'em Down Longsleeve

    Knokk 'em Down Longsleeve

    by Alfred edge
    Good quality shirt & great customer service very pleased Im gonna be back for sure m/
  • The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    by Jason Hardman
    Ordered the Demo Sessions Album in mp3 format. Awesome album, just like all the others. I had trouble downloading but received quick help from London! Great experience.
  • Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    by Peter Banfi
    Raw and sleazy, this is real rock n' roll! The best Crashdiet live footage so far! Awesome, I like it!
  • Whiskey Lady Shirt (Grey)

    Whiskey Lady Shirt (Grey)

    by Jessica Hopper
    This t-shirt is perfect. Great quality materials and print. I absolutely love it.
  • Kafé 44 Lady Shirt

    Kafé 44 Lady Shirt

    by saga salminen
    Size is just perfect for me, but print could be more softer. Image and the text is awesome.
  • Born To Die Free T-Shirt (2010)

    Born To Die Free T-Shirt (2010)

    by Jimi Hixx
    Love the shirt, wore it for my gig! Thanks!!
  • The Unattractive Revolution (CD)

    The Unattractive Revolution (CD)

    I love this CD _3
    I love the voice of Oliver, but I think he wanted to do other things, that he was not 100% with Crashdiet ... was beautiful while it lasted, but he's fine with Reckless Love.
    The Crashdiet was completed with Simon, he is more involved with the band and he has a lot of personality, charisma! I love him so much, his voice is perfect!
  • Rest In Sleaze (CD)

    Rest In Sleaze (CD)

    This CD is perfect from start to finish! * - * I love the voice of Dave!
    But the voice of Simon is amazing, and I think he's perfect in Crashdiet! I already loved Jailbait, but I'm very happy for him to be part of Crashdiet.
    I want to thank Peter for everything! He was amazing!!!! Thanxxxx
  • Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    Queen Obscene Lady Shirt

    by Scare Crowe
    perfect fit!
    i could live in this shirt forever
  • Lined up - Low Cut Racerback Top

    Lined up - Low Cut Racerback Top

    by Ana Abreu Araujo
    Fuckin' nice t-shirt!
    I wanna congrats u guys for the amazing experience. Everything came in perfect condition and very fast!!!!

    Just a tip for the skinny girls: SMALL! I'm not thaaaaatt skinny and I was thinking about buying the medium size, but it is absolutelly not necessary.
    The small fits very well!

    Congrats for the quality of service and products guys!

    Next buy list: DVDs!!!! XD

  • Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    by Ana Abreu Araujo
    Amazing CD!!! The best thing is to see how the band grew up all of these years.
    Congrats for the hard work guys.
    You really rock!!! The quality is amazing!!!
    I miss daveeee voicee! =(

    And please, come too Brazil more often!!!
    But simme is amazing too! =p

    Love u guys! Kisses =)


    by Fabio Orikasa
    That's the coolest flag I ever had!!
    It's already hanging at my bedroom door. The print is perfect. Good size. I have nothing to complain about. Thanks for the amazing product!!
  • Lined up - Low Cut Racerback Top

    Lined up - Low Cut Racerback Top

    by Fabio Orikasa
    Bought this top for my girlfriend. She loves it. High quality print and correct size. definitely I would buy more stuff from you guys
  • The Unattractive Truth Tank Top

    The Unattractive Truth Tank Top

    by Fabio Orikasa
    Awesome top!! It fits perfectly and even my mom likes it!
  • Cotton Bag

    Cotton Bag

    by Conny Landes
    I bought one of those all the way back when they first arrived and loved it - especially the fact that you can wear it over your shoulder as well. Unfortunately I lost it a while back, don't ask me how or why - I don't have the foggiest. So of course I had to buy another one. No matter how much you stuff into this bag it won't give in. I use it mainly for my weekend shopping together with the Retro bag (one of the best buys I ever made) so I can lug home all I need in one go. An apart from that it just looks cool - people always look twice, hehe.
  • Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (Blue)

    Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (Blue)

    by Conny Landes
    Ok finally got around to do this: First of all I wanna say I absolutely love this shirt! It's exactly the kind of blue I like best and the picture speaks for itself. As usual it's top quality for a very fair price. Best webshop with best band merch ever!