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  • The Unattractive Revolution DVD [PAL]

    The Unattractive Revolution DVD [PAL]

    by morten foldrup
    Still a cool dvd ..... wish some of the sotries from your carrer were to be a crashed DVD autobiography.
  • Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    by jon batting
    What can I say ... amazing cd, nice to get a snippet of where you guys started from. Quality was way better than I thought it would be. If you're a fan of CRASHDIET and haven't got it, get it ! If you already own this masterpiece ... you know what I mean ;)
  • Anarchy Lady Top (Black)

    Anarchy Lady Top (Black)

    by jon batting
    My girlfriend loves this ... I love her in it more !!!! Excellent product and service as always guys x
  • Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    by Harriet Marianne von Brömssen
    Very good live album. The band shows here its capabilities with "new singer", which seems thrown themselves into the band to stay.
    One of the best bands right now in Sweden.
  • Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    by Chris Douce
    A fantastic live album capturing Crashdiet's true energy; it's loud, mean, not entirely clean but that just shows how real a Crashdiet live performance is. This is an un-apologising live album that any Crashdiet fan will enjoy featuring a "best-of" setlist with all the songs we've come to know and love and a jam just for good measure.
  • Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (White)

    Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (White)

    by Susanne Kuhles
    I am really stoked on my new top.
    Fast delivery, thank you. It fits well and looks good.
    And it is my pleasure to do advertising for you so here in Germany. ;-)
  • 2x Vinyl Stickers

    2x Vinyl Stickers

    by Jyrki Hirvonen
    Cool stickers for your guitar, guitar hard case, laptop, refrigerator etc. I'm not yet sure where I'm gonna stick 'em, but I know that they'll look great anywhere I decide to put them.
  • Rest In Sleaze DVD [PAL]

    Rest In Sleaze DVD [PAL]

    by Jyrki Hirvonen
    As a newer fan I was very pleased to see Dave in full action on stage. This is really great DVD of a great gig and I think that you should buy it. No, I'm telling you to go and buy it right now! I promise you that you're gonna love this DVD.
  • Anarchy Tank Top (Black)

    Anarchy Tank Top (Black)

    by roberto corrales
  • Wrist Band

    Wrist Band

    by Judith Munkel
    Perfect fit and pretty looks. I've bought it for a friend of mine and he's wearing it with pride. Thank you.
  • Whiskey T-Shirt (Black)

    Whiskey T-Shirt (Black)

    by vilhelm sahlin
    I've got the stuff and I like them ;)
  • The Unattractive Truth Tank Top

    The Unattractive Truth Tank Top

    by Beth Kennedy
    I bought this in size small, fits perfectly (I'm a size 6/8).
    The material is soft, the print is clear and hasn't started to fade even through many washes.
    Looks awesome and is well made :) quick delivery too.
    Products are always great quality! :D xx
  • Whiskey T-Shirt (Grey)

    Whiskey T-Shirt (Grey)

    by Alfred _G
    I have only one of these shirts which concerns me because I plan to wear the hell outta this one :P
    Another fine quality T-shirt!
  • Born To Die Free T-Shirt (2010)

    Born To Die Free T-Shirt (2010)

    by Alfred _G
    I am quite sure I have purchased this T-shirt twice because its just so good much like the rest of the merchandise here.
    Excellent quality, great stitching, brilliant print and a bitch'n statement.
  • Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    by Alfred _G
    Once again a very high quality T-shirt and print, if I haven't got this twice already then I will definitely look to buy another sooner rather than later, its a keeper and represents the infamous Rest in Sleaze era of which Dave so brilliantly captured.
  • Anarchy Tank Top (Black)

    Anarchy Tank Top (Black)

    by Alfred _G
    These Tank Tops are amazing, Nice slim fit, excellent quality and definitely a perfect addition to my collection and if lost, stolen or completely worn to shreds I'd certainly buy another.
  • Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [PAL]

    Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [PAL]

    by Alfred _G
    This is a pretty decent DVD but in all honestly I would have loved to have seen more music video's as I am fairly certain they did more video's for this album but were lacking here much to the same on the 'Rest in Sleaze tour 2005' DVD but aside from that it's pretty solid and well worth the purchase.
    Overall a great DVD which introduces Simon Cruz quite well, complete with behind the scene's moments and subtitles where needed makes this a great DVD without any Dull moments but then again when Crashdiet is around there never is a dull moment.
  • The Unattractive Revolution (CD)

    The Unattractive Revolution (CD)

    by Alfred _G
    Personally I think this album is criminally underrated but we all know it was and will always be hard or impossible to fill the void that Dave left behind. With H. Olliver Twisted (famed front man of the band Reckless Love) fronting this amazing band you get an honest attempt at a continuation of the legacy of which Dave had left. It's an album that greets you with mixed feelings but once you let go and surrender delivers on a different level. Whilst it lacks the same vibe as Rest in Sleaze in many aspects one does have to admit it is still a great listen. Dim the lights grab a drink and hit play you'll enjoy it!
  • Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    by Lynsey Wesley
    Another fab cd of rare stuff, I love these and just want more. More unreleased stuff please!!!
  • The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

    The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

    by Lynsey Wesley
    Best T shirt ever. I prefer the mens style of shirt as not really into the skinny designs for girls. Worn it a lot and quality of print is still fab even after lots of washes.
  • Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [PAL]

    Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [PAL]

    by Lynsey Wesley
    Awesome dvd, just a shame about talking in between tracks. Would have preferred a straight live set with no interruptions like The Unattractive Revolution dvd. Still enjoyed it and just need Rest In Sleaze to complete my collection.
  • The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    by Lynsey Wesley
    I always love demo's or unreleased stuff so I had to have this. I love the songs, especially Psychopath and Unforgettable. If you don't own this, why not, buy it now!!!!
  • Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    by Lynsey Wesley
    Excellent set, loved it would recommend, a must for all fans. Sound quality is also great and can't find fault with this. It is cool that you even get the artwork, couldn't ask for more, thanks for a great download.
  • Glam Is Dead Longsleeve

    Glam Is Dead Longsleeve

    by Björn Lööf
    Always a great experience to shop in the Crashdiet store! This shirt was my first longsleeve and I couldn't be more happy. Great look with front and back print, great quality and, as always, very fast delivery. I will come back to the Crashdiet store again and again!
  • Generation Wild (Gatefold LP)

    Generation Wild (Gatefold LP)

    by Tomas Black Hejbal
    For me, the best album .. vinyl reports back !!
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