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  • Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    by Lynsey Wesley
    Excellent set, loved it would recommend, a must for all fans. Sound quality is also great and can't find fault with this. It is cool that you even get the artwork, couldn't ask for more, thanks for a great download.
  • Glam Is Dead Longsleeve

    Glam Is Dead Longsleeve

    by Björn Lööf
    Always a great experience to shop in the Crashdiet store! This shirt was my first longsleeve and I couldn't be more happy. Great look with front and back print, great quality and, as always, very fast delivery. I will come back to the Crashdiet store again and again!
  • Generation Wild (Gatefold LP)

    Generation Wild (Gatefold LP)

    by Tomas Black Hejbal
    For me, the best album .. vinyl reports back !!
  • Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [NTSC]

    Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [NTSC]

    by Steve Cleland
    I got the original DVD along with the USA dvd set. Awesome package! The main dvd goes through a ton of concert footage and the making of the Generation Wild cd. It was cool to go through an important time for the band and see some behind the scenes stuff. The acoustic extra dvd was also awesome. Overall, great value from an amazing band. Thanks guys!
    PS - I requested the band to sign it and sure enough, they signed it...great addition to my trophy case. Thank you again CD!!
  • Retro Bag

    Retro Bag

    by Sarah Bulach
    Fantastic! I ordered it for my husband for his birthday and I'm now considering getting one for me too!
  • Spirit Flask

    Spirit Flask

    by kent Hosselton
    This is just gorgeous!
  • Rest In Sleaze (CD)

    Rest In Sleaze (CD)

    by caitlin carberry-place
    great cd been after this for a long time shipping was really quick thanks peter.
  • Skullz T-Shirt

    Skullz T-Shirt

    by Jason Brussman
    Great shirt. Great quality. I bought 2. One for me and 1 for my son.
  • Knokk 'em Down Longsleeve

    Knokk 'em Down Longsleeve

    by Jason Brussman
    Bought this for my wife. She loves it!
  • Wrist Band

    Wrist Band

    by Jason Brussman
    I love these wrist bands. I wear them to the gym all the time! They're high quality and very comfortable.
  • Generation Wild Badge Bundle

    Generation Wild Badge Bundle

    by Virginia Taylor
    Bought these as prizes for our Sleaze Glam party .. but couldn't bare to part with them !!!
  • Here To Stay T-Shirt

    Here To Stay T-Shirt

    by Harriet Marianne von Brömssen
    Soft and wonderful quality of being a white T-shirt was this good looking.
  • Early Lepard Era Badge

    Early Lepard Era Badge

    by Virginia Taylor
  • Rest In Sleaze Badge Bundle

    Rest In Sleaze Badge Bundle

    by Virginia Taylor
    Great retro bundle .. I thought they would be bigger , but that was the size I ordered so my own fault .. Super fast shipping
  • Born To Die Free Zip Hoodie

    Born To Die Free Zip Hoodie

    by Virginia Taylor
    This is by far the best hoodie I have ever bought , the style the quality and the comfort , very warm and just plain exceptionally made . I certainly want another one .. Super fast shipping and the guys are so thoughtful ! Love it
  • Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (Blue)

    Cruz & London Lady Tank Top (Blue)

    by Harriet Marianne von Brömssen
    Lovely in color blue and fits great.
  • Metal Wallet

    Metal Wallet

    by Harriet Marianne von Brömssen
    This one... I love! Easy to use... Still unable to break in a hurry and also looking great. and does not weigh much
  • Wrist Band

    Wrist Band

    by Virginia Taylor
    Awesome accessory .. high quality and comfortable ..EXTREMELY Fast shipping .. great guys to work with
  • Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    Illegal Rarities Volume 1

    by Brigitte Castonguay
    It was a gift for my bf and he told me the album was crazy good and you guys should find other demos with Dave ! I had good exchanges with Peter, fast response and shipping. Thank you for the extras 😉 keep rockin! And don't be shy to come back in montreal!


    by Jennifer Doty
    Fucking awesome! I've got it hanging in my room and it looks great. High quality, great for any fan. :)
  • Wrist Band

    Wrist Band

    by Judith Munkel
    High quality and comfy wristband. Rocks!
  • The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    by Tobias Larsson
    Amazing. More demos please!
  • 2x Vinyl Stickers

    2x Vinyl Stickers

    by Paulina Myśków
    My netbook looks better :D
  • The Unattractive Badge Bundle

    The Unattractive Badge Bundle

    by Paulina Myśków
    They look great!
  • Rest In Sleaze Badge Bundle

    Rest In Sleaze Badge Bundle

    by Paulina Myśków
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