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  • Rusty Born To Die Free T-Shirt

    Rusty Born To Die Free T-Shirt

    by Joolz Ward
    Awesome colour print on this one, with a different logo to usual. I'm tall so ordered men's size small and its perfect in length for me. The shirt itself is great quality fabric (like they all usually are!) and even though I've cut the sleeves off & worn it a few times its stayed in shape & still looks great.
  • The Unattractive Truth Tank Top

    The Unattractive Truth Tank Top

    by Joolz Ward
    Love this tank. Being a tall girl I usually order shirts in men's size small rather than women's sizes and this fits perfectly. The fabric & print are great quality, I've worn & washed it a few times already & the print hasn't faded at all.
  • The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

    by Celina Lux
    I really love the songs and it rough sound. Actually I feel a little bad because I payed nearly nothing because of an offer these days - guys I owe you something ;)
  • The Unattractive Truth Lady Tank Top

    The Unattractive Truth Lady Tank Top

    by Hilla Kiviranta
    Just awesome tank top. Good design and material. :)
  • Whiskey Lady Hoodie

    Whiskey Lady Hoodie

    by Hilla Kiviranta
    This is the best hoodie that I own. Very comfortable and fits perfectly for me :)
  • Skullz T-Shirt

    Skullz T-Shirt

    by Aaron Wagner
    Another favorite shirt, this one is so Rock n Roll. Comfortable and awesome graphics, the pink logo is perfect for this shirt. My wife keeps stealing mine, so I guess I'll be ordering another one soon. :)
  • Glam Is Dead Unisex Baseboll Shirt

    Glam Is Dead Unisex Baseboll Shirt

    by Aaron Wagner
    I love baseball/raglan style band shirts, and this one is no exception. Like all my CRASHDIET shirts, the fit is perfect, 3/4 length sleeves and the torso is plenty long enough for a tall guy. Very comfy, nice and soft, kinda stretchy. The graphics are killer, nice and vibrant green snake. :) If you love the vintage, tour raglans from the 80's, this is the shirt for you!!
  • Wrist Band

    Wrist Band

    by Aaron Wagner
    Comfortable, not too tight. Nice embroidered band logo. What else to say? It's a CRASHDIET wrist band, just buy it already!! :)
  • Whiskey T-Shirt (Black)

    Whiskey T-Shirt (Black)

    by Aaron Wagner
    These shirts are so awesome!! The fit is perfect, just like my other CRASHDIET shirts. Its super comfortable too, thin and kinda stretcy, with a nice neckline. Obviously, the graphics are amazing, what's cooler than a Jack Daniel's homage? The back image is rad too, I love the 'crash fucking diet' in script above the skulls picture. Like all my CRASHDIET merch, this shirt gets a lot of attention when I wear it. My closet is quickly filling up with CRASHDIET merch!!
  • Bundle : Rest In Sleaze Badges

    Bundle : Rest In Sleaze Badges

    by Gianfranco Massidda
    Excellent as always I love you're the greatest, really beautiful pins
    to early teens
  • Socks


    by Laurent Guill
    These are the best socks I've ever bought, I wear them all the time and they don't show any scuff marks.
  • Retro Bag

    Retro Bag

    by Laurent Guill
    After a few months in weekly use I can just say that this bag never disappointed me. It is big enough to carry around with you all your stuff and at the same time it isn't too big to be a problem while traveling.
    All and all a great bag I would buy a second time.
  • Whiskey Hoodie

    Whiskey Hoodie

    by HÄkan Rosén
    Snygg tröja, men lite trÄkig i modellen, för korta armar pÄ XL och som ett tÀlt och inte tillrÀkliga armar pÄ XXL heller.
    Men behÄller den för trycket! Kommer andvÀnda den massor!!
  • iPhone 5 case

    iPhone 5 case

    by HÄkan Rosén
    Svinsnyggt!!sÄ jÀvla grymt
  • KafĂ© 44 T-Shirt

    Kafé 44 T-Shirt

    by santino sasso
    Great as always... thanks guys!
  • Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    by Patrick Kelly
    As usual, great quality and awesome looks. Washes great. Great way to show how much you love Dave and the kick ass first record put out by the boys. =)
  • Red Patch

    Red Patch

    by Caio CĂ©sar Shinoda Santos
    well built , definitely worth buying
  • Born To Die Free Longsleeve

    Born To Die Free Longsleeve

    by Lynsey Wesley
    Great top, nice and warm for the winter and good quality.
  • Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [NTSC]

    Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [NTSC]

    by Trevor Moore
    Awesome DVD, fast shipping, very pleased with my order.Great service.
  • KafĂ© 44 T-Shirt

    Kafé 44 T-Shirt

    by Trevor Moore
    Awesome t-shirts, great design, a bit smaller size than Canadian sizing,
  • Black Patch

    Black Patch

    by Trevor Moore
    Good quality great price
  • Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

    by Miguel Contreras
    I wasn't sure what to expect, it fits good and is a quality shirt.
  • The Unattractive Truth Lady Tank Top

    The Unattractive Truth Lady Tank Top

    by katsumi kawaguchi
    My girlfriend is wearing...very sexy!! New design is cool!!
  • Generation Wild (Gatefold LP)

    Generation Wild (Gatefold LP)

    by katsumi kawaguchi
    One of my favorites that you are listening much from the launch of 2010.Gatefold photo also very cool!
  • The Yellow Logo T-Shirt

    The Yellow Logo T-Shirt

    by katsumi kawaguchi
    The Yellow Logo & Members of the front print is very cooooool!! My favorite is one.