Born To Die Free T-Shirt (2010)


by Alex Michaud Date Added: 01/12/2011
I love this shirt, crashdiet is one of my favorite bands and this is one of my favorite albums, so i just had to get this shirt and i love it, the front picture is awesome. back is just as cool as well. I have shopped the webshop twice so far and both times been very happy with my experience they are a legit seller, and shipping is fast, even coming from Sweden. i will be shopping here again.
Buy this shirt it is a liitle expensive but it's worth it considering there is no other way to buy crashdiet merch like this in the U.S.A., they dont sell anything, us sucks for music right now and this is pretty much the only place to buy their stuff, and im happy i've discovered it.
Crashdiet Rulez!!!