The Unattractive Revolution DVD [PAL]


by Anna Lena Voss Date Added: 07/23/2010
Most of the time those "Tour DVDs" just show a band from it's very best side,contain the most poular songs, are done with a always well dressed and (hyper-)active crowd. The lightning is perfect, so is the sound and the director takes the oh-so rare opportunity to show of how many different camera ankles and lenses he knows.Music DVDs seem to be the perfect thing to watch when you are waiting for your brwoser to load youtube videos which are actually worth your time,(HD Genaration wild anyone?) or to introduce your stubborn friend to your favorite band (which will probably fail).

Yeah, Okay I don't like them much, but since I'm a good fan I ordered this. Which turned
out to be the right thing to do because this DVD is actually made for fans.

The unattractive DVD comes in a normal case, is aswell just a round piece of plastic and the listing on the back looks pretty casual too. Concert Shoot plus some "extra stuff"... nothing new here.

But this DVD is everything but what you would expect from your normal supermarket-concert shoot. It's entertaining, it shows
the BAND and not some photoshopped image of it. it's funny, but can be disturbing too. it's honest (very honest) and uncensored
(which might be due to the fact that nobody looked it over?!?) and it's perfect not only for times of being sick, but also for the next time you need a drunken TV-party or a entertainig alternative for your hollywood movie after a hard day. If you ever wanted to see crashdiet live: here's your opportunity.
And if you search for a tool too piss of your grandparents... well, that would probably work as well.

As reviewer of a Music Magazine I would maybe give this 1 star for a good band playing great music, one for the bonus material and with good will one for "the hint of bootleg charme".As a Director I'd probably drown myself in then next bathtube facing this, but that's not what I am, I am a fan and I give this all I got.

Dont try this on your stubborn friend, keept it for yourself and get him one of the albums instead.