The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]


by Dakota Gill Date Added: 10/09/2013
With the release of “The Demo Collection” Crashdïet have put the “Sleaze” back in Sleaze Rock!

Opening with the Dr. Feelgood-esque track “Black Rose” which some might recognize from the early sessions from “The Savage Playground” Crashdïet really know how to pick the perfect song to open an album, and yes I very much consider this an album. The second track on the album “Cornerstone Trippin’” has been much anticipated by me for the past few years. If you know where to look there is a short clip (maybe 20 seconds) of this song that surfaced around the beginning of the “Generation Wild” era. Simon’s vocals on this song, especially during the bridge are phenomenal. This song is more like a journey because it changes from the beginning to the end. “Erase Me” is another holdover from “The Savage Playground” sessions, some people might recognize this song from a studio clip that was posted early on in the recording process. The studio clip, which showed Martin playing the main riff, began with the words “Too Heavy?” No Martin, not too heavy. Beginning with a rocking riff and cowbell “She’s No Angel” is a rocking song with a catchy chorus. “Innocence” is a haunting little song that is very reminiscent of the early 80’s. Simon’s hazy vocals are great and the chorus is very familiar but I cannot put my finger on it. This song is well on its way to becoming a favorite of mine. My ONLY complaint (if you want to call it that) is that I wish this song was longer, it seems like as soon as it hooks you, its over. But I guess that’s what makes a good song, short and sweet.

The demo version of the opening track on “The Savage Playground,” “Change the World” is nothing less than its mastered counterpart that made it on the final cut. Eric’s drums on this demo are SICK.

Starting off what I would call the “Second Half” of the album is the rocking song “Miss Alright.” With a catchy melody, great breakdown, and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for a long time after listening to it, this song is SINGLE MATERIAL. Beginning with a punk rock bass riff “Psychopath” could be on its way to become a favorite amongst Dïetheadz. The Pre-Chorus and guitar solo is reminiscent of GNR, but the chorus is where this song explodes, very punk rock! “Women Come, Women Go” what to say here… The Opening might throw people off, but after listening through the song a couple of times it is a beautiful little gem, and really stands out. The verses are a bit different but the chorus is really where this song shines, Simon’s vocals are phenomenal. With some nice clean tones throughout the song to a C.C. DeVille-esque solo that harkens back to a time where hairspray ruled the airwaves, this song is a prefect blend of glam and a newer sound that I can’t quite place my finger on. Crashdïet have always had a way with ending albums and this time is no different. Closing out “The Demo Collection” is the unforgettable song “Unforgettable.” I couldn’t pick a better song to close the album. This song takes the listener on a journey and really speaks for itself. For those who are as crazy as me, parts of this song might sound familiar especially the solo. This is because the song was possibly built on an old instrumental demo called "Can't Stop Loving You" which was recorded years ago (I'm not sure of the year, though I've heard around 2006), it is great to hear this song really come into its own and finally get finished. From the opening, bluesy verses, to the rocking chorus followed by the nice bridge and refrain this song has a way of making the listener want to go through the album once again.

“The Demo Collection” while being just that, has quite a few nice little gems that could possibly show up from time to time in a set list and be a crowd favorite. Songs such as “Miss Alright” and “Unforgettable” have the potential to be great singles and it would be a shame to see this album looked at as “just another collection of songs that didn’t make the cut.”

Don’t take these songs for granted guys; you’ve got some great material here!

Songs like this makes one wonder what gems might still be hiding inside the Crashdïet vault…