Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]


by Kevin Brady Date Added: 10/17/2013
I'm a sucker for REAL live recordings & not studio recordings with an audience overdubbed. That being said let me delve into this album a bit. You can feel the energy of everyone in the band coming through your speakers!! It's so damn good, you fell as if you are there, minus the visual presentation lol. The band is so tight and doesn't miss a beat at all!! I love the blending of the new material with the classic stuff.

The opening track Change The World sets the tone of the entire show! Heavy, melodic and superb!! The backing vocals are stellar!!
Circus rocks with pure fury!!
Tikket slams home the old school charms!!
Anarchy is one of my FAV songs!! Pure Anarchy!!!
Breakin' The Chainz sounds even better than the studio track, which I LOVE btw!!!
Rebel get aggressive & in your face!! I love it!!
Chemical sounds so much better live than in the studio!!
Queen Obscene shows you exactly why these guys are masters of Metal Sleaze!!
Got A Reason brings the tempo down just a notch, but still rocks!!!
It's A Miracle is another one of my favs!! The passion that Simon sings it with matches that of Dave!!
Garden Of Babylon combines 2 of my fav bands - W.A.S.P. + The Doors!! Definitely much better than the studio version by far!! Riot In Everyone grabs you by the throat, shakes you & DEMANDS you sing along!!
Excited doesn't do anything for me. Sorry but it doesn't! IMO, it should've been dropped from the set & replaced with a song from The Unattractive Revolution.
Liquid Jesus brings back the nod to old school blues mixed with metal! Love it!!
Of course we have next is one of my ALL TIME FAV songs - Generation Wild!! Oh damn it makes me wish I could've been there in person to it live instead of seeing videos!!
And we have a sweet little treat in Blues Jam!! I applaud the band for taking a chance and doing something totally different & surprising! Sure it segues into Cocaine Cowboys, but damn, those 2 go perfectly together!!

Ok now for the not so positive stuff :I do wish that there was at least one song from The Unattractive Revolution. As much as I TRY to like the song Excited, it leaves unexcited. Dunno, maybe it's my poor abused eardrums. Simon does struggle at times with certain songs that require a higher range. I'm not sure if he's had any vocal coaching or not. If not, I hope he will get it so he doesn't destroy his voice like so many other rock/metal singer IE Don Dokken for example.

All in all, a very solid album with a few flaws, but Hell, NOBODY is perfect, unless you go into the studio & rerecord parts!! I definitely recommend this album as well as all of the other albums!!