Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]


by MeanMarty 68 Date Added: 10/05/2013
Thanks for a surprisingly good show in Stockholm, had expected to be satisfied, but you beat my expectations by far! ;) Unexpectedly good sound on the recordings, heavy, yet with clarity in the vocals and guitar. The first 10 songs were so good live as I expected, and only a band with confidence and distance to themselves, sticks to Swedish between the songs.;) What lifted the whole gig at absolute peak, began in song #11, then I realized it just wasn't a regular gig by 4 guys on vocals, guitar, bass and drums. "Garden Of Babylon " had an oriental finish, including belly dancers, and was followed by "Excited", where the producer "Otto Wellton", in tie, enters the scene and plays the keyboard. Then "Liquid Jesus", with harmonica and female chorus, and last but not least, a touch of blues before "Cocaine Cowboys" starts, a song which also the support, "Sister", and my new favourites "ToxicRose", enters the scene at the end.
- 5/5 to a bunch of good musicians, who dares to surprise their audience!

MeanMarty68, probably the only one who drove a V70 to the gig. ;)