Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]


by Jennifer Strutt Date Added: 09/06/2013
My best friend and I missed seeing the band live here in the U.S. (hadn't heard of them until after they were in our city) and this recording helped to convince us to cash in our airline miles to fly to Stockholm and drive down to see the band in Copenhagen and Malmo in October! (Seriously - you only live once, right?!) It's that amazing. I own countless live recordings of various bands and usually find that the energy of the performance doesn't come across in a live recording - but this album is truly an exception - it's as raw and intoxicating as I would expect CrashDiet to be. The song list is great, and I was thrilled to see that Excited and Garden of Babylon were included. The download for the lossless version was quick and easy, and the artwork is fantastic! Can't wait for October to experience the band for myself!! - *Jenna*