Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]


by Giulio Erler Date Added: 09/05/2013
"Scandinavian Hell Tour 2013" is a high quality live download by Crashdiet following their IndieGoGo Campaign.

The opening track, Change The World, is a sort of hymn. It encorauges people to think with their own mind and live is just awesome. Circus is another track which comes from the street. Every word smells like gutter, while the guitar keep screaming like a hot girl for the entire song.

The third song, Tikket, is a nice piece of songwriting and it's well performed by the current line-up. Although it has been written by Dave Lepard, Simon and the guyz play it with lots of feeling. Anarchy is just perfect for a live show: it has the words, the power and the blast of a riot.

Then, Breakin The Chainz reminds us the old days, but nowadays it's played in a nice original way, so it sounds like it was written yesterday. Rebel: the title says all. It's one of the most loved track in Generation Wild, but the stage's taste glorify it in a mystic way.

The work behind records infects the studio version of Chemical. Now we have the chance to hear it in a more natural way, enjoying every single note. Queen Obscene is a classic and one of the most beautiful song of the last decade. Live is pure madness, and the guyz know how to exalt it. Then we can admire the sounds of Got A Reason, with experimental riffs and guitar works. This is a nice piece of classic Rock 'n' Roll, and live is as raw as dirty sex.

It's A Miracle and Riot In Everyone are pearls of Dave Lepard; but he's still in Crashdiet's hearts. We clearly feel him, even if they are sang by another rocker. Simon Cruz performs 'em well: in a personal way, but with the right sensations and emotions. Between those two masterpieces, we find Garden Of Babylon. The oriental shades are excited by this live version, which shows us that Crashdiet can make the difference with every song.

Excited could be the sountrack of a Hollywood's Movie. The rythm and the lyrics explode on stage, this version is so emotional and unique. The piano of Otto Welton and the technique of Crashdiet narrate this urban story with feeling and pleasure.

The presence of Liquid Jesus is a good surprise. It's a bonus track, so it wasn't expected to be heard live. Thin Lazy, Linda Öst and Otto Welton give the right “color” at this exibition. This song is perfect for parties and sad days. It took yer pain away. Another anthem is Generation Wild. The title track of the third album of Crashdiet was clearly written to be lived on stage. The lyrics are thrilling and attractive, clearly speaking about the rising of a generation. But every good generation should follow them.

The last track of “Scandinavian Hell Tour 2013” is Cocaine Cowboys. The blues jam acting as intro is something Crashdiet never shared with the fans. It's another revelation of this show and introduces one of the rawest song of the latest studio work. On stage is just wonderful.

So... This is my poor review. I just shared it with you all because this record was worth every money they ask. 100% recommended!