Rest In Sleaze (CD)


by Sandra Fredyk Date Added: 08/26/2010
This wasn't the first Crashdïet album for me. I "discovered" it after i bought The Unattractive Revolution.
At first i only knew 3 or 4 songs and I always thought "man.. everyone says this album is amazing.. they say it's the best.. am i the only one who doesn't think so?"..
but when i bought this album i realized that i was totally wrong. I was fucking BLOWN AWAY when i listened to the whole album.
This album changed my life for the second time; it turned my "new" life around again.
With this album i really got into Crashdïet and became kind of a Crashdïet-freak.
And i can just say: For me, it's the best album i know. It's a must-have for everyone who likes really good Sleaze.