The Savage Playground (CD)


by Rob Hamblin Date Added: 05/21/2013
Can I be honest here? I am very sorry to have to say this, Truly Am! but imagine, the customer buying this (Japan w/Bonus track) and having the experience I' mentioned in the underlying paragraph. I am pretty bummed out man. I was hoping for something I could listen to without feeling I was listening to pile drivers mixed with bulldozers in my backyard. Acceptable, but not professional mixing or production.

I love the band, have all the CD's, but "The Savage Playground" was EQ'd and mastered to "Loudness Wars" Brick volume. almost pushed to maximum volume limits. No sustain, muffled, distorted and has a highly congested muddy sound to it. I use high end "FRAZIER" flat transfer monitors to analyze all my music purchases. Remember "Metallica's Death Magnetic"? This sounds worse.