Generation Wild (Gatefold LP)

  • by Anthony Nickel
    Great album! Great quality! Awesome band pic int he gatefold! Plus an awesome vynil only bonus track "Hollywood Teaze"!
  • by Shelby de Rond
    This is absolutely amazing! It plays really well, and has lots of great photos and I love the bonus track Hollywood teaze! Shipping is really fast as well! Also, peter london signed it for me, which proves that Crashdïet is obviously the best band in the world:)
  • by katsumi kawaguchi
    One of my favorites that you are listening much from the launch of 2010.Gatefold photo also very cool!
  • by jeremiah evans
    the LP is gatefold with a classic 4 panel photo of each band member in the center. plus it has the vinyl only bonus track "Hollywood Teaze" that is worth getting this for alone. plus Peter threw in some stickers, pins, & picks. super fun surprise!
  • by Päivi Puttonen
    Probably my favorite album!! Really fast shipping, ONCE AGAIN. I think I'm addicted to this online store :D
  • by Tomas Black Hejbal
    For me, the best album .. vinyl reports back !!
  • by Gabriela Coppo
    great artwork and Pictures..and it's signed by the band..Thx a lot :)
  • by santiago garcia
    Great, i love the LP from generation wild
  • by Gonzalo Alejo García Ameijenda
    Absolutely brilliant release to complete the Crashdïet discography... top quality packaging so grab your copy NOW! Cheers from Argentina!!!
    Excellent.... Vinyl sound rules !!!!!
  • by Maxim Karpov
    Excellent vinyl disc in the spirit of the 80"s!!
  • by Maurice Navarro
    Absolutely flawless album! Must have!
  • by Jevgenij Petoukhov
    Good album, but not as good as Rest In Sleaze, which I can't find on LP...
  • by David Garza
    This was my favorite purchase, the vinyl its awesome!! 1 extra song that rocks!! great pictures in the vinyl!! Sounds perfect!!
  • by Brett Wood
    Excellent customer service! Peter offered to get it signed which was wickid AWESEOME!!!:) SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!!(To the USA) Amazing Quality From the Exterior to the Interior!:) Definately worth the money! Hands Down!
  • by Rafael Jabur
    for this,i ll choose 10 stars,i love so much this LP,the photos are awesome,amazing,killer, when Crashdiet came back to Brazil,that's the cover album they wanna sign for me!lol

    every Crashdiet fan must buy this,you ll be surprised!
  • by Chris Clare
    Awesome album (obviously!) and highly recommended over the cd/mp3 versions. The Vinyl is a decent pressing - sounds better than the CD in my opinion, less squashed and a bit more open (noticed bits of backing vox and layers I hadn't clocked before). The cover art for this finally gets some justice and looks awesome too.

    The negatives are the bonus track though a nice thought sounds out of context to the rest of the (brilliant) album and seems kinda redundant (as bonus tracks usually do) and as my copy had to fly to the UK the inner got a bit shredded by the vinyl itself so a Coupla splits when it arrived (kinda par for the course in buying vinyl online - there's a reason so many come with a plain inner and a printed insert...).

    That aside, well worth buying.

    Might be nice to have Rest In Sleaze on vinyl too one day (hint hint hint) :)
  • by dion gerwig
    fucking great!!!
  • by Niklas Ekeroth
    Very nice sound! I recommend you to buy it even if you don't have a vinyl player cuz it is so cool!
  • by
    Probably the best album of 2010. Back to that Rest in Sleaze sound that I love so dearly. Rest in Sleaze changed my life in a lot of ways and it changed how I look at music generally. Now Generation Wild is probably just as good as Rest in Sleaze. If not better. Simon Cruz fits like the hand in the glove and he's a great great singer. The lyrics are just amazing. I read a review of the album and the reviewer described it as the album Skid Row should have released after Slave to the Grind, and thats what it is basically. The LP looks really good, and a with a new bonus track Hollywood Teaze that screams 1980s. En grym jävla skiva helt enkelt ;) A must buy for every Crashdiet-fan!
  • by Jonas Fredriksson
    cool cover. The picture of the guys that are on the inside is not only really wikked, its of the highest quality to.

    A must for any crash loving, vinyl listener!
  • by dion gerwig
  • by Jake Overend
    Amazing. Rapid delivery and perfect quality of product with a delivery all the way to Australia! Definitely worth it!
  • by Caitlin Bellesini
    I am extremely ecstatic i was able to get my hands on this limited edition signed by Crashdiet LP!
    This LP is a collectors item & is an absolute must have for any Crashdiet fan/collector of band art!
    Best Sleaze album of all time!
  • by Joke Suilen
    The records looks (and sounds) great.
    The extra track is a nice addition to the record.
    Realy love the pictures on the inside. My copy was signed as well! Too bad the previous records aren't available on vinyl....Hope the next record will be.