Logo Patch (BIG!)

  • by Steven Holtry
    Great patch! perfect size, great quality. Love it!
  • by Simone Höpel
    The quality is awesome!
    The design is awesome!
    The Patch is awesome!
    My favorite one ever!
  • by Joseph McGowan
    Really great logo on this. good materials
  • by Jens Kuehl
    I LOVE IT !!!
  • by Bob Mossop
  • by Jens Kuehl
    Great. Fast shipping. Cool stuff. Love it.
  • by Abel Garcia Hierro
  • by Leah Carty
    Great quality and size, fits lovely on the back of my jacket :D
  • by Adam Hall
    Great patch! Looks awesome on the back of my denim jacket.
  • by gianluca forenza
    The patch is made really well. Material and seams are very durable. Colors are more better than displayed on the website.. Looks very good on my jeans jacket!!
  • by Martin Kurosz
    Very good size and simple logo, now need to put it on a vest/jacket, great! :)
  • by james walvin
    Fantastic patch which will look great on my new jacket and really quick service too.
  • by Louise Albertsen Jensen
    Awesome patch, looks nice on the back of my vest
  • by Michael VerPlank
    Crashdiet logo patch is big and kicks ass. White on black would look cool on any jacket,vest or shirt. I plan on putting my logo patch on the back of my sleeveless biker shirt.
  • by Melissa Michel
    EPIC epic epic epic
  • by Melissa Michel
    Sewing it on the back of my leather jacket m/! Tour the U.S. soon?!
  • by Caitlin Bellesini
    I can't wait to display my ♥ for Swedish Sleaze with this awesome well made logo patch on the back of my leather jacket!
  • by Saija Saarenkivi
    Good quality and properly thick so it's not like many other patches that are thin and weak. Also good size, it fits perfectly on my leather jacket!
  • by Lisa Blomqvist
    This has a good size that fits perfect on the back of my jacket!
  • by Sebastian Zunda
    I love the patch is very well done , exelente quality and very good size , i love it !
  • by Dylan lee
    The patch is a glorious size for a back leather/denim jacket,...crashdiet rules period!
  • by rachael neal
    Excellent top quality patch arrived super fast will look awesome on the back of my leather. Cheers.
  • by Hermanni Rissanen
    i put this on my messanger bag, it fits it perfectly :)
  • by sara honkonen
    good quality and good size!