Crash Fucking Dïet T-Shirt

  • by Björn Lööf
    Awesome t-shirt and, as always, great quality! Highly recommended purchase if you are a fan of the band or excellent t-shirts in general. Fast shipping and great service make this store the best when it comes to shopping for cool t-shirts!
  • by Martin Kurosz
    Just got it, finally my first CRASHDÏET T-shirt (better late than never)! :) Wanted to go for this simple, classic design, especially that it's white and I have too many black clothes ;). What can I say - it's amazing, maybe even better than I expected. Size fits me perfectly and it's usually a hard thing since I'm very skinny so T-shirts are either too big or too tight with the type of my body. This one is excellent :). The quality is great too and I already have something from that company so not surprised here ;). One more thing to add - I definitely need more of your shirts and I'll have that in mind, especially that I know which size to choose. Thank you, you're the best, love you! :)
  • by Claudia Van oroton
    Soft comfortable tee, one of my most favs and need more be said???????? Wore it to a parent/ teacher int and they shit themselves!! Lol!
  • by Naomi Harris-Davison
    Aweseome t-shirt! Came pretty quick, good quality and design. Wore it at 2 gigs already, looks epic on stage ;) The stickers and picks included free was a really nice idea, got a 1 up on ever other band there. Thanks Crashdiet you guys rock!! xD
  • by Christina Devine
    Love the shirt, just beware of the sizes, my medium is closer to a large. Still looks great though.
  • by Sergey Komarov
    My favorite t-shirt!!!
  • by misty Starr
    Best. love it!
  • by Lea Nielsen
    I was pleasently surprised when I got this shirt. First of all, I got it much sooner than I expected. Second, the fabric is wonderful. Third, the print on the shirt doesn't annoy me at all, where others have this annoying plastic-like feeling. I was a bit critical purchasing this, due to the experiences I've had with other shirts with print. But I don't regret this purchase, I'm very glad I bought it, even though it is not cheap. It's a really cool shirt, and I've gotten alot compliments on it already.
  • by Nicholas Aspholm
    Awesome shirt with a nice print! very comfortable too and good quality!
  • by
    This is the most badass t-shirt I've bought here. Kickass-quality aswell! Supersatisfied!
  • by Cody Davis
    Awesome shirt. Glad to rep awesome music
  • by Alfio Brambilla
    A great alternative to others rock bands' t-shirts. Great design!
  • by Kerstin Dannenhauer
    a fuckin great shirt^^ nice quality!
  • by jeff siegel
    This is a great addition to the original! Any self respecting rocker should own this!