Whiskey Glasses

  • by Flavio Dechen
    Of all rock memorabilia and other stuff I have, these whiskey glasses are by far the most fancy! The band symbol is finely engraved on the glasses and they're beautifully packaged in this fancy ass box. It is "pure luxury" indeed! I love it and it's always half full of JD, neat.
  • by Erik Sundberg
    The box is awesome, looks very exclusive. The glasses is even more impressive. Got a prefect weight that i like. The whiskey tastes even better when i use them ;) I only hope the print will last over time, hard to tell at this point. THE PRINT SHOULD LAST FOREVER, BUT IF IT DOESN'T WE WILL SEND YOU NO GLASSES. NO WORRIES THERE :) //LONDON
  • by Rebecca Guthrie
    I bought these glasses for my boyfriends Christmas gift. I was a little worried about how they would go being transported all the way to Australia, but although there were some small cracks in the box, the glasses were perfect!
    They look great!
  • by Johanna Lindqvist
    I love these glasses, and the box is sexy! Absolutely worth the money!
  • by Conny Landes
    I got those precious yesterday and I love them to pieces. Heavy glasses as it should be for whiskey tumblers and the engravings are just plain gorgeous. The box is also very stylish in a sleazy kind of way *G* I'm not into Bourbon *yuck* but my Scotish Single Malt tastes even better out of those pretties. Those glasses are a real high quality product which I can only recommend to everybody who loves to have a good shot of Whiskey now and then.