Here To Stay T-Shirt

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    The quality is more than perfect! The print is awesome, probably will never be wasted, what is good because i love to wear it :)
  • by Christopher Hamshaw
    This shirt is an all time classic,my favourite by far
  • by Endre Sumeghi
    awesome to see white t-shirts too. specially if London is wearing it too. more more more white! :)
  • by Caroline Karlsson
    The quality of this T-shirt if perfect! It'll probably take 50 years until it can't be worn anymore. The printing is clear as gold and draws a lot of attention to it, which is what we want of course ;) This has become my finest T-shirt and I almost don't want to wear it cause I'm scared of ruin it!
  • by Linus Jonsson
    This shirt is totally awesome. Honestly. The shirt is very comfortable and the print and the quality are fantastic! I think that this is the best shirt in the whole shop. If you haven't bouhgt it yet, then do it! Now!
  • by stefano costantini
    Silver medal for this t-shirt for me....gold medalist is Wanna riot? ..but this item is way so good!!!
  • by Paul Wendlandt
    thatz without a doubt the best shirt ever made. haha
    seriously the design is awesome, its sad that there are only a few white band shirts out there, so this fact make this one special too.
    the delivery was as always so fast. I really like the contact to the band, they try to help you in every kind of way.
  • by Antonio Mejia Jaco
    One of my favorite bands. Awesome design and good fit. fast delivery and amazing print quality. can't wait until new shirts are avaliable.
  • by anneli nilsson
    I am very happy with this shirt! It looks just like on the picture on the website and it looks very good on.
    And it was delivered really fast.