Here To Stay T-Shirt

  • by Jonathan Scrivens
    Love this shirt! Awesome quality! Wear it all the time
  • by Sheena Rushton
    man t. shirts still looks fucking cool on a girl so glad i got this one its so AWESOME!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • by Noah Andréasson
    I've used it countless times, and it still looks new-bought. Surprisingly good quality and a really nice picture. Me like.
  • by Chris Smith
    great quality love it
  • by Lori Hutchison
    Shirt quality and print are AWESOME!!!
  • by Marion Naqvi
    The shirt is so great! Good quality and nice print! a must-have as a fan :D
  • by Lauren Wadsworth
    love this shirt,it's one of my favorites
  • by Dag Torgeir Tollaksen
    Awesome t-shirt! Kickass print! Great fabric!
  • by Mathias Kraken
    Nice shirt with very good quality. Looks and feels very nice. It has a slightly different fitting than a "Wanna riot..." shirt with the same size, which I prefer more, but not a big deal. Still an awesome shirt!
  • by Laura Collins
    My friend bought this shirt and cut it up to fit her accordingly. Perfect for men and women and excellent quality.
  • by Helen Garjees
    My favourite shirt looks awesome and is a perfect fit and london wears one :P but overall its awesome
  • by Karl Apicella
    I love this t really cool I recommend it to every one
  • by Jakub Jas
    It took me a long while to decide which of those T-shirts I would like to buy. If I was able to see this one live, I wouldn't hesitate even for a second. Both fabric and print are simply perfect! It's also very comfortable to wear and looks amazing! It became one of my favourite T-shirts and I believe it will be for a long time as I don't expect it to tear up any time soon :P
  • by Sina Schärli
    awesome t-shirt, I love the mix of the black and white picture and the red logo!!
  • by Denise Faulkner
    Crackin shirt from the Swedish sleaze merchants. Good fit, good quality material, Highly Recommended
  • by Lasse Andreas Johansen
    This t-shirt is made of pure awesomeness! Top quality, feels good to wear. I love this shirt even though it wasn't the one I ordered. (Sorry about that! One can't get it right every time, obviously... :) //LONDON)
  • by Matt Key
    My second t-shirt!!! Another wicked buy, great service!!! Keep rocking!! x
  • by Peter Dawson
    I'm very pleased with this shirt! The print quality is amazing and detailed. It looks just like the picture. Great fit and fast delivery to the UK.
  • by Paulina Lindström
    It's fucking awesome dude!!! I will wear all the time and definetly on the upcoming concert in sundsvall!!
  • by Rúbia Fernandes
    The quality is more than perfect! The print is awesome, probably will never be wasted, what is good because i love to wear it :)
  • by Christopher Hamshaw
    This shirt is an all time classic,my favourite by far
  • by Endre Sumeghi
    awesome to see white t-shirts too. specially if London is wearing it too. more more more white! :)
  • by Caroline Karlsson
    The quality of this T-shirt if perfect! It'll probably take 50 years until it can't be worn anymore. The printing is clear as gold and draws a lot of attention to it, which is what we want of course ;) This has become my finest T-shirt and I almost don't want to wear it cause I'm scared of ruin it!
  • by Linus Jonsson
    This shirt is totally awesome. Honestly. The shirt is very comfortable and the print and the quality are fantastic! I think that this is the best shirt in the whole shop. If you haven't bouhgt it yet, then do it! Now!
  • by stefano costantini
    Silver medal for this t-shirt for me....gold medalist is Wanna riot? ..but this item is way so good!!!
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