Generation Wild (CD)

  • by Asberry Quinones
    the first songs i ever heard by Crashdiet were from Generation Wild and it changed my life, so i finally had to have a hard copy myself :) everything about it is perfect, the design, the packaging, all the songs...everything. i'd give more than 5 stars if i could. i just love it all.
  • by ernesto javier salda├▒a larrondo
    I think that this cd is the best come back From the band!!! I really like how its sound raw, authentic sleaze metal!! Great service From the band in this webpage Thanks Peter London for the guitar pick!!!
  • by Marc Edgar
    This album is unbelievably good! There is not a bad song on it at all. And shipping was great as always!
  • by Lourdes Mata
    This record has Simon's arrival, who is a great element for the band...the result is Generation Wild, a record with a lot of power. It's hard to choose a favorite song in particular as they are all great. If I was a fan before, this record made me an ultra fan. Plus the art cover is very cool.
  • by santiago garcia
    i have all the cd┬┤s
    to me this is the best
  • by Alex Rodriguez
    Best record I have listened to in a long time. Thank God my friend showed me you guys!!!
  • by Alana Ferguson
    Awesome album. Great photos in the booklet. Brilliant service! :)
  • by valentina zuin
    my favorite Crashdiet CD - can't stop listening to it!
    thanks also for the stickers and the picks, my bass likes them :)
  • by
    The perfect album!So alive,Generation wild,Rebel,Down with the dust!All Songs are great with a perfect production.The problem is you can`t top this beautiful Hardrock CD.
  • by Anabel Navarro
    A MUST have in your CD collection. Awesome tunes, great quality, perfect sound, a rockin┬┤result...one of the best CD's I have. Can┬┤t get enough of this Chemical...
  • by Tomas Figueroa
    WoW, amazing!!! Very well communication with the store staff. The time to delivering is OK. I live a little far.
  • by Eric Masse
    Amazing! Can't way to listen to the next album!!!
  • by Gareth Gras
    Flawless from start to finish
  • by Chris Pepplinkhuizen
    Attitude, Energetic, Powerful, thumbs way way up!!
  • by Mark Tallack
    My Wife loves this album the best one they have done. Money well spent.
  • by Ariel Monteiro
    I had bought this cd in December, but it seems that gave some problem. But because the great communication and help,i recieved the cd today! Thank you
  • by Evan Loutawan
    Great album, and artwork, alot of different sounds on this album

    I recently did a review of this album, so i will say it again:

    This album has nothing but pure awesome songs for every mood

    Songs like Armageddon, Generation Wild, Rebel, Down with the dust, Native Nature, chemical, are all great songs

    I love the ballads, "Save Me, and Beautiful Pain" The lyrics are very deep and touching

    Crashdiet has come a long way since early 2000s and with there debut album in 2005 "Rest in Sleaze", They only keep getting better and better

    Also note that in the import version of this album, it contains a killer bonus track called "Sick Mind", A Truly Awesome song that makes the very "expensive" japan import much much more worth it
  • by Sergey Komarov
    Best glam metal album! i love you guys!
    All time favorite cd, all time favorite band!!!:)_3 I love all the songs in the Generation Wild cd, from the very first to the very last one!Keep up the good work guys!:)
  • by Alexander Brack
    this is an amazing sleaze album, though the previous records kick ass too ;-)
  • by tom miedema
    You guys are great! We drove out to Vegas to see you at Club Vam'd. Got to meet you all. Peter, you are a very cool dude. You helped us out with our first order. As far as the products are concerned, my son loves the patch. He sewed it to his leather jacket and you guys all signed it. The album is fantastic. We bought your T-shirts at the show. We have nothing bad to say at all. Love the Generation Wild CD. I need one of my own since my son won't share his with me.
  • by Retno Kustini
    One word to describe this album: AWESOME!
  • by donnie wachter
    my favorite album to listen to at nite with a bottle of whiskey, would love to get hold of some more unreleased tracks!!
  • by Andrea Zephyr
    One of the best albums I have ever heard, already listened to it countless times! Well worth buying!
  • by Gabriela Coppo
    Great Album..you Guys rocks my World