Bundle : The Unattractive Badges

  • by Steven Holtry
    Great set of badges! They make my vest look amazing.
  • by Jane Mackay
    Who said they were unattractive? ;-)
  • by Anton Smuk
    Great set of pins, fast delivery!
  • by Steven Holtry
    Great set of badges! Can't wait to get a new vest and put them on it. :)
  • by Paulina Myśków
    They look great!
  • by Kim Pratley
    Great badge pack, will look good on my new denim jacket, along with all the Crashdiet patches I've purchased previously.
  • by Martin Krüsh
    This pack is quite attractive actually, despite the name ;). Very nice little items from maybe a little underrated era of the band.
  • by Martin Kurosz
    Nice little badges from the era that also gave us some great music. Neat! :)
  • by Emelie Lindh
    Jag älskar färgerna på dessa! Riktigt snygga! :3
  • by Yeska Ferber
    They're small, but perfect *-*
  • by Samantha Seitz
    awesome !!!
  • by Boeglin Laura
    Awesome, reallly cool!
  • by Charlotte Badgery
    Love all 3 of the badges! Gret pictures on them and again really good price! :)
  • by Lemaire Catherine
  • by sarah gifford
    I lost one of these badges today, musta fell off my jacket.....was about to scream then I found it...panic over haha....great little pin badges and not everyone in the u.k has them...yet!!!!!
  • by Uriel Reyes
    Really cool pins!
    theyre the right size and u can put em anywhere in ur clothes!
  • by
    These badges are really awesome! I wear these almost every day.
  • by Ilaria Gentile
    I like what they have printed on, the only flaw is that they risk to get opened, but this can be just a problem of mine XD I'm so afraid to wear them because they could get lost!! Yeah I'm a living disaster ___ :)
  • by Marlen Schwierz
    The most beautiful decoration for my pocket.
  • by Amethyst Hamill
    great pack and quickest shipping I have received from Europe! very reliable and great priced, I love to strut my diet stuff to :D