Rest In Sleaze T-Shirt

  • by Adam Hall
    Awesome t-shirt! Arrived very quickly
  • by George Jakubowski
    Little snug American shoppers order next size up.
  • by Shelby de Rond
    This t shirt is probably now my favourite, and I wear it all the time. It is super comfortable, looks really great (even though the colours are a bit different from how it appears in the photo, it is slightly greener and the colours slightly brighter). Also, shipping was amazing and even arrived a day before it was estimated! This is an awesome shirt :)
  • by andrew evans
    great item and delivery!
  • by Patrick Kelly
    As usual, great quality and awesome looks. Washes great. Great way to show how much you love Dave and the kick ass first record put out by the boys. =)
  • by Miguel Contreras
    I wasn't sure what to expect, it fits good and is a quality shirt.
  • by Aaron Wagner
    I love this shirt. Seriously, it's my new favorite. The fit is perfect, I'm 6'2" and a skinny 160 lbs. so usually t-shirts either fit me like a tent or they're too tight and not long enough but my Crashdiet shirt fits like it was tailored for me. The neck has a nice modern cut also, which is super comfortable and not the usual "choker" crew neck. I don't know the technical term for how the graphics are applied to the shirt but it's like they're made into the shirt and not "stuck on" looking like some shirts ive seen. The graphics are as soft as the rest of this super comfy shirt. Not to mention how rad it looks, I get attention and questions every time I wear it out. Solid 5 stars!!
  • by Grant Fraser
    Fantastic cut and quality shirt. Fits well and the design is amazing. A great shirt to show your love of a brilliant album.
  • by Kent Similä
    Awesome fit and cool print!
  • by Daniel Wilson
    I actually bought this t'shirt when I saw Crashdiet on the Dark Decadence tour in the UK a couple of years back! At the time I was torn at the time between this one and the charcoal whisky t'shirt (which I have now!). If any fan was looking to buy their first Crashdiet t'shirt, I would recommend this one, I like washed out t'shirts rather than the plain black, the material is the softest out of all the Crashdiet t'shirts I own, nice quality, and it has a fitted feel and the photo has a cool 80's look to it!
  • by Barron Lackey
    This shirt is even better than I expected. The quality is some of the best that I've ever owned! It fits great, is comfortable, and looks f'in awesome! Don't hesitate, like I did for so long, buy it now and you won't regret it.
  • by Alfred _G
    Once again a very high quality T-shirt and print, if I haven't got this twice already then I will definitely look to buy another sooner rather than later, its a keeper and represents the infamous Rest in Sleaze era of which Dave so brilliantly captured.
  • by Johanna Karlsson
  • by Glenn Røksland
    Badass T-shirt accompanying a badass record
  • by Jason Brussman
    I love this shirt! It feels great but looks even better. I have 6 Crashdïet shirts. 3 for me and 3 for my wife but this is my favorite.
  • by Larissa Feininger
    I finally bought this and I´m in love. Now I can kind of cherish Dave everytime I wear this :D
    Good quality as always :) Additionally it´s not black as most of my other shirts, nice to have other colors as well.
  • by lars dekan
    this is my second t-hirt of this because i love it
  • by Johan Pedersen
    Awesome shirt! Love it!
  • by Kerttu Saarinen
    The best T-shirt to wrap around in the mornings when you feel cold.
    Really high quality, nothing to complain about. Totally worth of buying, I recommend. I also love the back print! R.I.Z. Dave~
  • by Ekaterina Nikitina
    Great quality, great people answering all the questions! Thank you so much for such a wonderful thing! Now I can not wait the new year to give to her! I hope he will be happy :)
  • by Tomas Gritz
    High quality T-shirt, fast shipping. thanks
  • by katsumi kawaguchi
    REST IN SLEAZE T-shirt is vintage. front print is a cool original members.The charactet of "Dave Lepard"....in the back print.very cool!!
    As soon as arrive in about 2 week in Japan. Good quality !!
  • by Nolan Funk
    Easily the best band merch I've ever worn. Fits and feels great, and it just rocks! You guys need to reprint some of the other styles. I noticed you're running low on some sizes.
  • by Filip Anderberg
    Grym tischa! Tajt modell, är man på gränsen mellan två storlekar bör man välja den större!
  • by Johanna Karlsson
    Sååå jäkla snygg och i superkvalite!!!! Grymt nöjd!!