Wrist Band

  • by René Westh
    The design and colors were exactly as expected, just what I wanted!
  • by Gareth Gras
    Its a must have, I never go out without it
  • by Brandon Holtry
    Everyone in my family has one now :) such a great wristband!
  • by Andrew Luczynski
    Love this product, very comfortable. I wear it every day.
  • by Geth Richards
    I live in the UK and it arrived like 2 days later that's badass i ususally gotta wait over a weeek for stuff overseas to arrive :D i got free stickers with my sweat band too :D this is an awesome store :D
  • by james walvin
    Fantastic product and really quick delivery
  • by keeley leman
    fab wrist band, love the crashdiet logo on it, its just another brill purchase xxxx
  • by Michael VerPlank
    Crashdiet wrist band is very cool. White on black XXX logo is kickass. Wrist band would fit any wrist and look cool. I wear mine everywhere especially to the rock shows.
  • by Michael VerPlank
    Very cool wrist band, Crashdiet logo looks kickass white on black, would fit well on any wrist. I like to wear mine everywhere especially to the rock shows.
  • by Anna Louise Hughes
    This wristband is simply amazing! The quality is good and the fabric is soft; feels like heaven when I put it on, haha. It looks very cool, and is not overdone. Strongly recommend it!
  • by Steven Holtry
    Best wrist band ever!
  • by janina thesslund
    Great i wear it almost everyday!
  • by Harri Haag
    Very good quality!
  • by
    Really good quality! I use them for sports (tennis, badminton etc) instead of regular boring wristbands from the great sports manufacturers.
  • by
    I wear it (almost) every day, and it still looks brand new.

    Kicks ass!
  • by Anna Louise Campbell
    One of my favourite accessories, I wear it all the time :)
    Great quality!
  • by Anna Mascheroni
    High quality for this wrist band, I love it!!!
  • by Sergey Komarov
    I love XXX logo!!!
  • by Evan Loutawan
    Awesome wrist band, very high quality, and gets alot of stares from everyone when i'm outside. thanks
    I love it!:) Great quality and stylish!:)
  • by Cristina Rosa
    i bought it for my 8 years old little brother and he was super happy and told me that he feels really cool now XD
  • by Jonathan Scrivens
    Great quality, wear it all the time
  • by Scott Smith
    Just in time for the Australian summer, this will essential as I ROCK my way through the summer!
  • by Luise Chmielarski
    LOVE IT!
  • by johanna melkersson
    Awesome wristband!