Wrist Band

  • by Anna Louise Hughes
    This wristband is simply amazing! The quality is good and the fabric is soft; feels like heaven when I put it on, haha. It looks very cool, and is not overdone. Strongly recommend it!
  • by Steven Holtry
    Best wrist band ever!
  • by janina thesslund
    Great i wear it almost everyday!
  • by Harri Haag
    Very good quality!
  • by Kristoffer Edström
    Really good quality! I use them for sports (tennis, badminton etc) instead of regular boring wristbands from the great sports manufacturers.
  • by Noah Andréasson
    I wear it (almost) every day, and it still looks brand new.

    Kicks ass!
  • by Anna Louise Campbell
    One of my favourite accessories, I wear it all the time :)
    Great quality!
  • by Anna Mascheroni
    High quality for this wrist band, I love it!!!
  • by Sergey Komarov
    I love XXX logo!!!
  • by Evan Loutawan
    Awesome wrist band, very high quality, and gets alot of stares from everyone when i'm outside. thanks
    I love it!:) Great quality and stylish!:)
  • by Cristina Rosa
    i bought it for my 8 years old little brother and he was super happy and told me that he feels really cool now XD
  • by Jonathan Scrivens
    Great quality, wear it all the time
  • by Scott Smith
    Just in time for the Australian summer, this will essential as I ROCK my way through the summer!
  • by Luise Chmielarski
    LOVE IT!
  • by johanna melkersson
    Awesome wristband!
  • by Alexander Brack
    simply said: it looks awesome!!!
  • by Laurent Guill
    I already own a few wrist band from different store, but this one is definitely the best. It's like all the other stuff here of great quality and I only recommend it to you.
  • by donnie wachter
    This is my favorite Crashdiet accessorie I own, It's simple but just another awesome way to show your support for Crashdiet.
  • by Caroline Karlsson
    Love this wrist band! Great to put on when you feel a bit cold and want to get warm fast. And also a very good accessory if you wanna be a bit subtle with the whole rock image. Kind of like "I'm the only one in this classroom who knows what this symbol means and I freaking love it!"
  • by Guilherme Lipinski
    Always on my writs! five stars, no doubt!
  • by Ilkka Schilling
    Fitz perfect, but I'm missing the Crashdiet Logo!
  • by Uriel Reyes
    great wristband!
    comfortable and its a size fits all!
    so dont worry about it not fitting because it will!
    Great product for every CRASHDIET fan!
    FAST shipping as always!
  • by Marlen Schwierz
    The hottest Wrist band in the world!
  • by Jess Bolderson
    I bought one of these for myself and it fit perfectly, very stretchy and comfortable, then passed it onto my boyfriend and he loves it so much he literally hasn't taken it off :) I'll definitely be buying more of these in the future
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