Wrist Band

  • by Sara Volpe
    Super accessory! confortable,very high quality!!! :)
  • by Thais Altessor da Silva
    I have to say that it is top quality, comfortable, fits perfectly and has great size!
    Everyone should have one of these !!!
  • by Aaron Wagner
    Comfortable, not too tight. Nice embroidered band logo. What else to say? It's a CRASHDIET wrist band, just buy it already!! :)
  • by Jason Brussman
    My 4th pair! This set is for my daughter. High quality. Soft and well made. Very comfortable. I wear mine to the gym all the time.
  • by Jason Brussman
    I love these wrist bands. High quality. Great looking. This is my 3rd set. I have a pair, my wife has a set and I bought this one for my son.
  • by Omar Bergamaschi
    Awesome wrist band! Really well made!
  • by Michael Francva
    crashdiet products are all very good and i'm every time happy when i get my order from the band ;))
  • by Axel Aremyr
    I wanted a wristband that looked like the one on the picture, cause it looked awesome. And that's what I got, it's as simple as that. Soft material that both feels and looks great.
  • by Judith Munkel
    Perfect fit and pretty looks. I've bought it for a friend of mine and he's wearing it with pride. Thank you.
  • by Jason Brussman
    I love these wrist bands. I wear them to the gym all the time! They're high quality and very comfortable.
  • by Virginia Taylor
    Awesome accessory .. high quality and comfortable ..EXTREMELY Fast shipping .. great guys to work with
  • by Judith Munkel
    High quality and comfy wristband. Rocks!
  • by Paulina Myśków
    My 1st wrist band of my favourite band and I'm charmed :)
  • by Asberry Quinones
    best quality wrist band i've ever bought, and i've got quite a few in my collection :)
  • by Niklas Norberg
    Passar bra och ger en snygg look till din handled ;) - Nice fit and makes your wrists say f*uck you!
  • by Lachlan Hill-Davidson
    This wristband is great quality, and is solo comfortable - especially when I'm playing bass with it on! Also, the delivery was fast :D I LOVE the wristband! I highly reccomend it!
  • by Chris Douce
    Great fitting wristband, looks cool! Worn it nearly every day since I got it!
  • by Geoff Ormond
    An essential to complete your look or wipe away the sweat as you crush your workout at the gym while rocking out to some Crashdiet!! The embroidery on the wristband is top notch. It's comfortable and great quality. Would recommend this to any fan.
  • by Thomas Caël
    I wasn't expecting such a good quality for this armband actually. It's not too thick and comfortable. Plus due to the high amount of orders, shipping was delayed but I received a nice e mail from the staff apologyzing.
    Really satisfied ! Keepup the good work. =)
  • by Alexandre Pedroso
    Great article with the xXx logo! I wear this all the day now
  • by Marc Edgar
    Very high quality wrist band! The wristband is very cool, best one iv bought by far.
  • by Jeanette Petersson
    Soft and comfortable and with our favorite print on it.
    Couldn´t be better,don´t want to take it off!
  • by katsumi kawaguchi
    This is a trade mark of "CRASHDIET" !! So CooooL !!
  • by Holger Hantusch
    Great quality. Holds sweat an beer both. ;-)
  • by Björn Lööf
    Great wrist band! Excellent quality and excellent print. Support the band and look great doing it!