Rest In Sleaze DVD [PAL]

  • by Max Contini
    What can I say? I've really knew Crashdïet only in the last months, even if I heard their CD sometimes.
    In the last months I took care of the Dave's history and buying this DVD was a way to see him live and to understand his way of feeling and living music. I will always miss that guy, even if I did'nt met him when he was alive.
    Thank you Dave for all you have done.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    This DVD is a piece of history, also for the quality and other little things you can understand watching the show: there was not HD at that time, no smartphone and so on but the music... the music is always music!
    Buy this DVD if you can, I think it's one of the best piece of music of the last 20 years with "Rest in sleaze".
    Miss you Dave.
    Rest in sleaze, my friend.
  • by Sara Volpe
    Great DVD,I love it :) Rest In Sleaze Dave!
  • by Lynsey Wesley
    Loved this dvd. Awesome concert and great to see Dave in action. Only wish there was more live stuff with Dave. It has my all time favourite crashdiet song Riot In Everyone, a fab dvd and a must for everyone.
  • by Jyrki Hirvonen
    As a newer fan I was very pleased to see Dave in full action on stage. This is really great DVD of a great gig and I think that you should buy it. No, I'm telling you to go and buy it right now! I promise you that you're gonna love this DVD.
  • by Kamila Nadzhafova
    Very nice item i wanted as memory about it. Now i've got it. Thank you.
  • by Hannah Rigby
    What's not to like about this DVD? Footage from a great show for the music fans and some really cool extra stuff for the fans who love to see the guys goofing off. I watched everything in one evening, not wanting it to end. So sad Dave isn't here anymore, but at least we have this left of him. My only complaint is that the music video's aren't on it, but that is all!

    If anyone is reading this and not sure to order it: DO IT! You will not be sorry ;)
  • by Jason Brussman
    Great concert. High quality as with everything from the store. It is nice to see Dave live since I found out about crashdiet after his passing.
  • by Jvo Julmy
    The footage & songs are o.k. What I noticed is that I had to change settings for the sound. Meaning it could be more voluminous / massive. But all in all it's worth its money!
  • by Iñaki Barzina
    great times old times! good video shots in a good enough quality, even they're true, honest and raw ;) thanx guys. that makes us feel alive. keep on track!
  • by Iñaki Barzina
    old days...it's fucking awesome! keep rocking ;)
  • by Kerttu Saarinen
    I wished so long that I'd get this DVD, long before it even came back to store. I'm still really happy that I finally got this piece of art! I definately love all the extra stuff. To me, the It's A Miracle video shoot was.. kinda everything. I love the video, I love how Dave and you all smile in it. The whole video shootings part was so awesome and after all got me close to tears.. I definately recommend this DVD to everybody who likes the early Crashdïet. Totally worth of buying.
  • by Sascha Dohl
    Great Show, This DVD Rocks!!
  • by Ronja Österback
    This one's worth its money over and over again.
  • by Maxi Neubert
    It´s a great remembrance of dave. Although the concert is not in a high quality I really love to watch this, especially the drum solo. The bonus staff makes every fan smile. I never ever want to miss this dvd again.
  • by Kristiina Land
    Excellent DVD. Very nice to see live concert with Dave singing. Will recommend.
  • by Salomé MANGINI
    This dvd is so awesome!! The gig is great and the bonus are very nice. It's very cool to see Dave Lepard on stage with the band. It's the thing to buy if you love Crashdiet!! I recommand it to everyone if you want to spend a good time =)
  • by Sandra Moore
    I live in a region where I can only play this on my laptop.....I dont care. It was well worth it. Unfortunately, living the in the States I never had the chance to see Dave live. I couldnt wait for the guys to get this in Region 1 form. Absolutely wonderful. If you dont have it, GET IT!!! Without it, you are missing a very important piece of Crashdiet history. They took the footage they had and made it into a masterpiece. Dave was an amazing front man, and like myself, if you never got to experience that, this DVD is the best way to do so. RIS DAVE. Thanks guys for putting out this amazing DVD packed fool of great songs and extras.
  • by Larissa Feininger
    I love this DVD :) Great memories of Dave, who will be missed forever. The show is full of energy, just turn up the volume as loud as you can. And the bonus videos, what should I say: I´m really into this kind of videos, the backstage and outtake kind of thing. So they are great as well. Buy it, watch it, love it ;)

    And now I still have to learn swedish to understand what the´re saying, haha :D
  • by Steve Muchaluk
    Great product and super fast delivery !!!! m/ m/
  • by Bob Mossop
    Excellent! Cheers guys! x
  • by Jorge Villar
    I actually didn't watch it yet!
    I bought it like one year ago... I always have this issue. It takes me a lot of time 'till I watch the DVDs I buy... I don't know why.
    But it's Crash-fuckin-diet so... what can you expect?? A mind-blowing heavysleazerock DVD! YEAH! There should be a six-star option...!
  • by
    A great concert and the extra stuff is really awesome (the subtitles would be appreciated)! I looked it over and over since I received it! What can I say except that we miss Dave and I'm happy to finally have this DVD ;) Buy it! See ya ! ♥
  • by Guilherme Lipinski
    One of a few memories we can have of our hero Dave Lepard. The energy we can feel in this concert is priceless. The bonus material is really exciting. Miss ya Dave
  • by Denise Feleus
    I got the DVD as an anniversary gift to my boyfriend. We both really enjoyed it. Watched it a couple of times. The quality was better than I had expected. The extras were pretty funny, except for some... pretty gross footage. But I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone, just buy it, watch it, and you'll see what I'm talking about ;)
  • by Nicklas Liljeros Persson
    A really great DVD and it reminds you how great David was. Buy it!