• by Bill Johnson
    Awesome very well made
  • by Leah Carty
    Love this! Is great for keeping my keys on, as I often lose 'em :)
  • by Leah Carty
    Love this! Use it so I don't lose my keys :)
  • by Gemma Goulding
    really useful for keeping my keys safe :) stylish too :)
  • by Amanda Forrest
    Awesome stuff, great quality too!
  • by Roger Dahl
    Great lanyard so you never lose your keys :D and it comes with a handy bottle-opener ;D
  • by Tracy Rushton
    Great Lanyard, very useful and reasonably priced! :)
  • by Gemma Goulding
    i really like this :)
  • by Steven Holtry
    Amazing Lanyard. Very high quality unlike many other landyards that are out there. Plus Crashdiet makes everything look better. Even keys :)
  • by
    sweet Rock & Roll
  • by Sergey Komarov
    Good!!! I like this lanyard!!!
  • by Lauren Jones
    Love this lanyard! I use it to carry a card holder with my ID in it so whenever I go to the pubs I can show off my love for Crashdiet! xD It's a good length and doesn't irritate my neck :)
  • by eveline van zoest
    good print, soft fabric, great!
  • by Lisa Blomqvist
    This is perfect for my keys. and I always have it hanging from my pocket. It's both cool and practical! ;)
  • by Andrii Nesterenko
    Just a good lanyard. I bought it for my drum key and happy to use it.
  • by
    I like the fact the lanyard has a pretty thin tickness, it makes it smoother to work with and doesnt take up much space, and especially the red print helps it to stand out and make it noticable in all other possible mess surrounding it.
  • by Johanna Lindqvist
    fucking awesome lanyard to put your car keys on!
  • by Charlotte Badgery
    This Lanyard is great. Comes in handy so i don't lose my phone. :)
  • by Samantha Seitz
    best lanyard ever !! :D
  • by alma rahman
    This lanyard is really useful and I use it at school for my locker keys and my USB stick :) The bottle opener is cool too!!
  • by
    Amazing price. And very fast delivery!
  • by Thomas Westerhagen
    This is the greatest fukkin' lanyard in this so called world and it´s even better because it´s also equipped with a handsome bottle opener with the supercool bandlogo:)
  • by Ilaria Gentile
    I added this to the chains on my trousers and I often use to read all the names on it XD I like the colors, how the red jump on the blue! *-*
  • by Tommy Gall
    I bought this for my keys and I love it! It looks very cool. It's the perfect length and the clip makes it easy to take my keys on and off as needed. Also people look at it and ask who Crashdiet is, so it gives me to spread the word about an amazing band :)
  • by David Laurine
    I'm pretty used the Crashdïet lanyard on the Starrats & Kissin'kate gig in Toulouse.I'm not dying of thirst this evening !!!!! Hey, Hey, Hey !!!!!