Glam Is Dead Unisex Baseboll Shirt

  • by Maxi Neubert
    This shirt is unisex, but as a woman it´s really large. I bought it in "S" and I don´t look really feminine in it :D But I found some tricks for it. I really like that this shirt is long, because I can wear it with leggins or tight jeans and a huge belt. And when I want to look elegant I do it with a blazer :) The only bad thing with this shirt is, that the sleeve is a little bit to short. But with some bracelets the problem is solved ;)
  • by Joseph McGowan
    Awesome top!
  • by Américo Ferraiuolo Montes
    Amazing t-shirt, one of my favourite ones.
    I love how the 3/4 sleeves look, and the quality is excelent.
  • by Mathieu Pouches
    Better than I expected ! I didnt know that there was some stuff on the back (Crashdïet brings it back to Life + logo), so its cooler than I thought ! It's a really cool tshirt, totally worth it ! You won't be disappointed !
  • by Aaron Wagner
    I love baseball/raglan style band shirts, and this one is no exception. Like all my CRASHDIET shirts, the fit is perfect, 3/4 length sleeves and the torso is plenty long enough for a tall guy. Very comfy, nice and soft, kinda stretchy. The graphics are killer, nice and vibrant green snake. :) If you love the vintage, tour raglans from the 80's, this is the shirt for you!!
  • by Björn Lööf
    Always a great experience to shop in the Crashdiet store! This shirt was my first longsleeve and I couldn't be more happy. Great look with front and back print, great quality and, as always, very fast delivery. I will come back to the Crashdiet store again and again!
  • by Diane Goodrum
    Excellent T-shirt. really good quality and fit as is all merch on this website. I have ordered lots from here and havent been disappointed yet.
    Only issue I ever had was when I got the size wrong (in the beginning) but it was resolved really quickly with no major hassle.
    One of best websites to buy stuff from - fast delivery and well packed, good quality merch. Thanks guys:D
  • by Brandon Holtry
    Such a great long sleeve! :) excellent print like everything else on the store. Must have for any Crashdïet fan :)
  • by Gabriel Lamonato
    This is the second time i buy this tshirt, one for me (which i bought long time ago) and now i just bought one for my friend, and its just awesome! good quality as always ;)
  • by
    The shirt was exactly as expected; the shipping was faster than expected, which was awesome!!!.
    This shirt is perfect for me, it is bold and makes a powerful statement!!! love it
    Hell yeah!!!
  • by Gareth Gras
    extremely comfortable and high quality printing
  • by Alexander Brack
    Very Nice Longleeve, it fits perfect! especially the backlogo looks great!
  • by Claudia Van oroton
    This tee is so me as I love glam and skulls and looks and feels awesome! Any crashdiet diehard needs this shirt pronto
  • by Jens Olsson
    Great looking shirt, print is good quality. Allthough you might want to order one size bigger than you usualy wear cuz mine got a bit ripped in the sleeve when I put it on. Might just be me who has fat arms tho :)

    In any case I don't regret buying this shirt cuz it still looks awesome! Price is also very affordable
  • by Bruno Perez Soto Mendoza
    excellent logo!!! very cool!!!
  • by Mai-Linh Nguyen
    I have been DYING to have this shirt... when I noticed they put it back on the site, I hurried my ass off to buy it... and it is TOTALLY awesome. I love the design, and the backpiece. And I love raglans, they're just comfortable. I wear it for fun, to sleep and even to work. And get compliments a lot ;D
  • by Caroline Karlsson
    Very good sweater to have now when it's getting colder outside! The printing is excellent and the material is comfortable. The lenght of the arms are good, but wish it could have been a bit longer at the bottom (size M). Will be wearing this a lot!
  • by Thomas Westerhagen
    I haven´t buy this product yet and if im gonna do, I GOTTA HURRY!. It´s only 3 of them left and they just looks so awesome. This T-shirt is so beautiful that my eyes start burning every time I see this T-shirt. I just mean that the pain is a great feeling you got when you see this one. Beautiful Pain you know. I don´t mean that it painful to wear it. But if it is, then it´s just a little bonus. Ha ha!
    Once you see this shirt with your own eyes you will be AMAZED! Great color and detail! Your coolness will increase the second you put this on!
  • by Endre Sumeghi
    This is just what a die-hard CRASHDIET fan needs. It looks super cool with the skull'n'snake logo. The fit is perfect and snug. The back reflects the classic ages of the band. I absolutely love it and I will sure wear it until it is in shreds. Absolute 5 star product :)