Born To Die Free Zip Hoodie

  • by Steven Holtry
    Awesome hoodie! great colors, super heavy duty. will for sure keep me warm during the winter!
  • by Bjarne Hervik
    Have become my favourite hoodie. Cool and fits an old guy (40+). :-)
  • by Håkan Rosén
    Hoodie att döda för!!
    Snyggt hållbart tryck, skön som fan och jävligt bra i storlek!! Man bara råälskar den!!!
  • by Virginia Taylor
    This is by far the best hoodie I have ever bought , the style the quality and the comfort , very warm and just plain exceptionally made . I certainly want another one .. Super fast shipping and the guys are so thoughtful ! Love it
  • by Andrew Quigley
    I haven't had a chance to wear this out yet. I got it in mid April during the USA sale, and it has been pretty warm out since then. I've tried it on and it fits well and looks amazing. There was one odd part though. I don't know if it is a European thing or what, but one I went to zip it up, something just felt off. I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but then I realized it was that the zipper is on the left hand side instead of the right hand side. That's not a negative, but it was kinda awkward at first. lol
  • by Maxim Karpov
    Best merch!!!!
  • by Valeria Milanesi
    This hoody is really hot and comfortable. Killer Crashdiet design!!! Highly recommended!
  • by Natalie Zirk
    Feeling totally badass with this awesome hoodie!
    Great print, great quality. Worth the money. ;)
  • by morten foldrup
    I hope for a really cool one NOT to hold the skulls ... everyone is doing skulls. and I honestly think THIS band can do better than skulls..... and bones.
    The band poses the huge hair and rocker boots chains hands and rings and shit .... so many ideas to use from. But really nice hoodie actually - just praying for other than skulls or a regual band pose thing soon...
  • by Conny Landes
    This hoodie is so warm and comfy I want to wear it all the time. It's of the usual high quality I came to love and appreciate in all goods sold here. Before I ordered this I felt like a frozen bunny more than once since winter set in. Since I got the hoodie - no more frozen bunny. Pete was right - this baby is defnitely Sweden tested and keeps one warm and cuddly. And on top of that the design just rocks - Sweetz at his best *G*
  • by Tina Stern
    Perfect. The picture already looks amazing, but the Hoodie in real is more then amazing. It's a perfect style for the next Crashdiet Tour. I love it.
  • by Mirka Bedrichova
    This is literally the best hoodie I've ever had - and trust me, there have been many. I'm sure this will last more than few years, the material and printing are the best possible quality. It fits perfectly, it's warm and it definitely attracts a lot of attention! A big THANK YOU for this piece, guys!
  • by Vincent Roquefort
    Awesome hoodie, a real pussy magnet !
  • by lars dekan
    its a fucking great hoodie,its very Heavy and warm ,i give it 5 standing ovations
    yours sincearly Lars fuckin Dekan
  • by Tamara Smith
    I just received the new BORN TO DIE FREE hoodie and I absolutely love it. The details,colors and especially the design are fuckin amazing and I am going to enjoy wearing this all winter long. Shipping was super fast as well!! Keep up the great work and the great products. ,,/ ^_^ ,,/ xoxox

    ~Tammy from Las Vegas _3
  • by Tommy Coyne
    Received my hoodie super fast..considering I live in NYC!..and hoodie is awesome quality..with attention paid to detail..not only are they the best damn band in the world...they run the best website for merchandise of any band there is..thanks guys
  • by Hanna Rämö
    The quality of this hoodie is really good. I was surprised about that. I think that it going to last a long time. I also have to mention that it is really warm! I can recommend this to everyone and of course the design is just so great!
  • by Jonathan Tillgren
    It's a super longsleeve, i think it fits perfect for the winter in sweden. It's warm and you wont freeze for one more second :)