The Demo Sessions [DOWNLOAD]

  • by Sara Volpe
    Very cool songs! GREAT band :)
  • by James Soulikias
    Great songs/album! I just purchased the mp3 version, how do I download it? Please help. Thanks.
  • by Mathieu Pouches
    Nice album with exclusive songs ! You can even make the album physical by printing its cover and burning the tracks on a CD ! Just listen to the songs and make your opinion by yourself ;) That's really cool to get these unreleased songs
  • by Celina Lux
    I really love the songs and it rough sound. Actually I feel a little bad because I payed nearly nothing because of an offer these days - guys I owe you something ;)
  • by Jason Hardman
    Ordered the Demo Sessions Album in mp3 format. Awesome album, just like all the others. I had trouble downloading but received quick help from London! Great experience.
  • by jeremiah evans
    some real lost gems here. essential for any CD fan.
  • by Charlotte Hunt
    Can't stop listening to it, it's great and it was easy to download
  • by Jane Mackay
    Classic Crashdiet that's not on the regular restaurant menu. Like others, I love demos and unreleased tracks -- gives a little extra insight into the band's approach to songwriting.
  • by Winnie Acharya
    Loved the songs, my favourites being Psychopath, She's no angel, Miss Alright. Extremely satisfied with the quality of the downloaded files. Looking forward to a new album soon :)
  • by Lynsey Wesley
    I always love demo's or unreleased stuff so I had to have this. I love the songs, especially Psychopath and Unforgettable. If you don't own this, why not, buy it now!!!!
  • by Tobias Larsson
    Amazing. More demos please!
  • by Ari Kuusela
    Really good album! Some songs remind me of guns n roses and she's no angel sounds like warrant, but in a good way! I hope some of these demos will end in a real album.
  • by Spike Diamond
    I should have bought it before!!!! As simple as that!!!!! AS always amazing music worth listening!!!!! Thanks Crashdiet!!!
  • by Tim Sheridan
    The Demo Sessions is more kick ass rock and roll from one of my favorite bands. Can't wait to hear some new material! The store was awesome. Amazing customer service and quick delivery! Great site and GREAT band!!!!
  • by Niccolò Tummolo
    Simply great!
  • by craig gardner
    Miss Alright in itself was worth the price
  • by Simone Höpel
    Love it!!
    This album is fantastic !!!! It's not just demo, it's a real album... the songs are awesome ! We're back in the 80's, the good 80's... with an actual production. My favorite songs are Cornerstone trippin' and Psychopath, Erase Me sounds like L.A. Guns... I love it. Buy it !!!
  • by kevin james
    Awesome cd. As good as there other cd's
  • by Andrew Quigley
    This album is fantastic! I have all 5 Crashdiet albums now, and I think this just narrowly edges out Generation Wild as my favorite. The only downside is the price, (which is rather high) but it's worth it to show support for a great band that I really hope does more U.S. tours.
  • by Simone Höpel
    Awesome songs!
  • by Austin Mileto

    I thought the Demo Sessions were absolutely awesome! As soon as i brought it, i could download it within seconds! Plus the downloading was very fast and didn't take long at all! The songs on this Album are just brilliant! They're all very melodic, and are very powerful tunes! They remind me a lot of KISS, Motley Crue and RATT! Which is WHAT I LOVE! Crashdiet you guys never seem to disappoint! This store is one of the best stores I've brought from! Love It! Thanks so much guys! DON'T STOP MAKING MUSIC! ROCK ON!! :]

    Yours Truly,
    Austin Mileto!
  • by Simone Höpel
    Awesome Songs!!!
  • by Jonas Weber
    I really wish I could get all my ordered items as fast as these always do!
  • by Giulio Erler
    The quality of this demo is surely awesome.

    For example, we all know "Change The World", but this version is rawer and somehow better than the original.

    Songs like "Psychopath", "Miss Alright", "Cornerstone Trippin" and "Black Rose" are a bit out of Crashdiet's standard. It's certainly not a quality's matter: I'm sure someone discharged them because they didn't fit the overall gerne of the official releases. Luckily, we have the chance for tasting 'em, and Dietheads will be absolutely satisfied.

    "Women come, Women Go" and "Unforgettable" are lovely ballads which smell like a crying rose. Sad but beautiful! "Erase Me", "Innocence" and "She's no Angel" are interesting hits which aren't worse than the songs we find in the official releases. They are raw as every demo, so be prepared for a twist of rock 'n' roll energy!

    This item is worth every penny. it's a shot of pure sleaze and It's 100% recommended!