• by Steven Holtry
    Great colors, perfect size. Looks great with all of our Crashdiet posters!
  • by Zidney Karlsson
    The poster flag is in great quality... Too damn bad it only one to get the hands on.
  • by Marco Anelli
    This flag is amazing! I ordered it with a tank top,and it's bigger than I thought! It occupies a big part of my room near the other posters. The material is perfect,better than a poster because there is no chance to ruin this item! And it's made marvellous by the signatures of all the band! Crashdiet rule!
  • by Imogen Grant
    I purchased this for my boyfriend and we are both extremely happy with how good it looks. Amazing quality, top quality product.
  • by Sergio Herrera
    Really like the size and the quality of the flag, u should put out another couple of designs , they are kick ass and provide a good enviroment in the bedroom :) Thnx !!
  • by Sara Volpe
    Very nice flag,I like so much. It seems to have CrashDiet here! hehe :)
  • by Marco Anelli
    This flag is amazing! Never seen a poster like this! The quality is very very good and it doesn't ruin over time. It is very big and i love to admire it when i'm in my room. Onestly it's better than i thought. The colours are perfect and the picture is very clearly and good. I think it is one of the best and beautiful things in this store :) Everyone love is it so maybe you should put on sale more flag like this with different picture even if this one is so cool :) Amazing stuff! ^^ thanks!!
  • by Marco Anelli
    This flag is amazing!Have to give 5 stars rating!When it arrived it was better than I expected! The quality is perfect and the flag is very big so it may be the first thing that people see when they are in my room!I think it's one of the most beautiful things in this store :) I love the picture on it with all the signatures! It wasn't shipped immediately but it was only for a my request :D When it was sent it took only a few days so at least the shipping was very quick!
  • by Fabio Orikasa
    That's the coolest flag I ever had!!
    It's already hanging at my bedroom door. The print is perfect. Good size. I have nothing to complain about. Thanks for the amazing product!!
    So wonderful _3
  • by Chris Pidgen
    I'm one of those people who chooses to decorate with posters rather than paint and wallpaper, so as you can imagine this was perfect for me! Out of the 120 posters on my walls, this is BY FAR the greatest. The quality of the material is superb, I was expecting it to be weak and paper thin but it's actually quite durable and strong. Very eye catching, whenever people are in my room I always catch them staring at it ;)
  • by Jennifer Doty
    Fucking awesome! I've got it hanging in my room and it looks great. High quality, great for any fan. :)
  • by Paulina Myśków
    OMG I love this flag!
  • by Maxim Karpov
    Just cool! Great poster flag!))
  • by ernesto javier saldaña larrondo
    This flag is better than a poster the quality is awesome!!! Only here on crashdiet store
  • by Mike Roberts
    Great quality print, looks awesome on my door!
  • by Salomé MANGINI
    Awesome flag!! The quality is perfect, it looks awesome on my bedroom wall!! For every Crashdiet fans!! =D
  • by KERRIE hawkins
    love my new 2 band print poster flags, planning to be creative with them, pics will follow .... Already got one beforehand from a Rock city gig in the UK, hangs in my front room near my bar...was going to buy more but got an autograph from Simon and forgotten to, lol.... quality print, striking design, and you all look hot xxx , postage was super fast ....fast. THANK YOU CRASHDIET
  • by Barbara Fernandez
    Really good quality printing! Looks great on my door!
  • by Roxanne Sweet
    High quality with great coloring. It's a beautiful print and I hope they make more. Love it ♡
  • by Miriam Berninger
    Awesome quality!
    I love it :-)
  • by Kerttu Saarinen
    I hoped and asked when you guys were doing a cool poster flag.. and at the second I saw this, I decited to order it. When it arrived: I didn't regret a second! This poster flag is really well made. It's not thin, so I bet it'll last really long. Also love the picture & logo, well-designed. Looks perfect with others. I recommend. Thank you!
  • by Austin Mileto

    The Poster Flag is awesome! It arrived very very fast and I'm from Australia! As soon as i saw it, i thought it was awesome!! Its the perfect size, just how i wanted! And i got two Crashdiet stickers with it, which i thought was amazing! Definitely worth getting the Poster Flag! Best store i have ever brought from! Thanks Again!... ROCK ON!
  • by Noora Paarto
    Thank you so much! My sister loves this poster flag! And thanks for the fast delivery. :)
  • by Laura Swartz
    So stoked to hang this poster flag up! It is awesome!