Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

  • by Sch├Ânauer Daniel
    verry good cool Band
  • by Chelsea Stadnyk
    I am so glad that I didn't miss out on this one! Martin really outdid himself. The quality in the recording/mixing and just the whole sound is incredible. You can hear the love, passion and energy these guys put into their music. The smile never left my face as all the memories came rushing back from the crazy times on Canadian soil. Thank you Peter, Martin, Simon and Eric for letting your fans relive an amazing experience!
  • by derek frank
    Awesome album! Quality of recording is great and the boys tear it up on each track. While I still haven't heard Miracle live, this will get me by until I finally do. Thanks to the band for kicking so much ass, and taking us all along with them as they do!!!
  • by Daniela Kositz
    The tour was so f*** great and this live album is fantastic. I like it. :-D
  • by Martin Kr├╝sh
    Since I'm a huge fan of live bootlegs/recordings, I was very excited for a release like that! I'm also pleased to see it has covers available and that it's professionally mixed and produced. Good that the recording, previously only available for people participating in "Save the tour" campaign, ended up in the store. Great job, great... band, hah ;). And probably the most unique setlist of the entire "Savage" tour, thanks to special guests too. You don't get to hear "Got A Reason", "Excited" and "Liquid Jesus" too often, especially with people who contributed to the studio versions. It really is a live album, sounds great and the setlist adds another twist to the whole thing! Great job all in all, also a proof how tight and good the band sounds live. Love it! :) Just really regret I couldn't make it to any show this year, especially that "Savage" might just be my favorite CRASHD├ĆET album and the whole production on tour was great. Thank you Peter, Martin, Simon and Eric!
  • by Dakota Gill
    The production of the show is absolutely amazing Martin outdone himself on this one! The band was so tight during the show, and it is easy to hear everyone! Peter's bass tone is absolutely SICK on this especially in GOB when you can just hear him jamming! The backing vocals are some of the best I've heard on live albums (be it click tracks or re-dubbing in studio, i don't care!) Cannot say enough about this!
  • by Justin Boyle
    I just wanted to create a topic to commend the download and quality of the production this file has. The entire band sounds really tight through out the show and if you close your eyes and really get into the moment you can almost nearly feel like you are at a show. I think this is in major part to Martin's great mix/mastering of the recording. With my headphones in I can clearly hear every little piece of music, from Peter's bass strum to Eric's crash symbols. This download really embodies the feel of a Crashdiet show. I of course downloaded the lossless version because I wanted the high quality sound that comes with the file type. I'd also like to point out the artwork that Martin created for the file as well; it looks great and is just that little extra effort that makes this download a worth wile piece that could actually a manufactured live disc. The only drawback I have to the download and this is just a personal ocd type thing is the fact that when I imported the songs to my itunes each song had a number in front of the name, so I had to go back and edit each song to exclude the number and just the song title.
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