Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013 [DOWNLOAD]

    I finally got see CRASHDIET live on this tour so this is the perfect souviner! Great song selection and kickass live sound! This is a produced live album, no crappy bootleg quality here! The band is on fire and the energy pours through the speakers! Any true CRASHDIET fan's collection isn't complete without this!
  • by Gunnar Johansson
    Great Livealbum from a great band !!
  • by Tuija Wahlroos
    Wow, excellent quality! Great song selection, perfect mix of old and new songs. I'm not a big "live-album" supporter but this really kicks ass. "Scandinavian Hell Tour Live 2013" is in active listening. Thank you and cheers!
  • by Bill Johnson
    Great live kick ass if u have not herd or seen live this is a good start I am Rocken to it right now can wait to see u live back in America please come to ohio
  • by Jeff Micham
    I always wondered how Crashdiet sounded like live well let me tell you this is a raw in your face rock n roll!Great production heavey sound.I need to see this band live!Tour the US.No problem with the download
  • by Gonzalo Alejo GarcĂ­a Ameijenda
    Really good self released effort to remember the shows of the last tour. One little thing you need to have in mind for the next one: the 16 tracks can't be recorded on one CD so you may have this in mind to master the final tracks with fades so we can burn our CDR's properly (or cut some stuff to get all the music in one CDR). Anyway, great live sh**t!!!! Cheers from Argentina (again!!!)...
  • by Patrick Kelly
    The live album download is awesome! EXCELLENT quality, Martin did a great job! It's a perfect souvenir for anyone who attended any of the shows all over the world so far this year. (NYC here!) Not my first time ordering from the webshop and certainly not my last. Thanks guys!
  • by David Ellis
    A great souvenir of the 2013 tour. Saw them in Los Angeles and they put on a kick-ass, high energy show. Long, generous set list, too. Every song you could want to hear is here. Sure, Simon’s voice cracks in a few places and there are some high notes that are just out of reach but this is a raw, unedited live performance. They had been on tour for a while at this point, probably with little sleep. These are demanding songs even when you’re not running around on stage and singing 16 songs in a row. I really hope he stays with the band.

    The band sounds really tight. They do a good job with the backing vocals live and the recorded sound of the instruments is excellent. Any time the guitar drops out and it’s just bass and drums I picture Peter swaying back and forth in that red leather jacket. Maritn is one of the best guitar players out there. I like that he doesn’t go for all the Yngwie noodlie-noodlie crap that helped kill rock music for the fans that didn’t play guitar. He plays rock guitar right—octaves and harmonics but no whammy bar a la Joe Perry or Slash. With some live albums you really miss the overdubs when there’s only one guitar player in the band but here it never feels like anything’s missing. Eric is an outstanding drummer and as much as I love drum solos, like most fans I’d rather hear another song so kudos for that, too.

    The world really needs a band like Crashdiet right now. It seems like the only good rock music left in America are the snippets we hear in movies and T.V. commercials. It takes hearing “Back in the New York Groove” in a DiCaprio movie to remember what a great song that was—you’ll never hear it on the radio again. Many bands have the look but not the chops to back it up or might play great but not have the songs (Dream Theater). They might borrow a lot of their song titles from other bands but Crashdiet are original and current and I hope they come back to Los Angeles again soon. And next year the Wiltern instead of the Whisky!

    David Ellis
  • by Lawrence Swiggs
    Great album, great choice in songs, I like the variety and the quality is outstanding for a live album
  • by Steve Muchaluk
    I love this live album...reminds me of the recent concert of the best band that I have seen in concert for the year of 2013 m/ m/
  • by kitty goossens
    I normally hate livecd's, so the fact that I bought this one means something. It's an easy download and very clean sound. I've been to a few shows of this tour and listening to this album brings back great memories.my favourite live song : cocaĂŻne cowboys!! Too bad I don't understand a word Simon is saying inbetween songs :D
  • by Josh Peacock
    This live album is amazing! I was lucky enough to see Crashdiet when they were in the US (Utah).And this live album does a great job capturing the energy and quality sound that you get when seeing them live!! Rock on Crashdiet!
    It's KOOOL!
  • by Gary Geisler
    To start very easy download, I think the album sounds great for a live cd, I know it was many different shows combined into one cd. The mastering I think was done very well, as an album it sounds very good. // Actually it was only one show, the one in Stockholm! Thanks for the review! Cheers //LONDON
  • by Kenny Holt
    Great live album! 83 minutes of awesome kick ass rock n roll. Their harmonies are bang on and the band is tight as fuck.

    Good to hear lots and lots of new songs of "The Savage Playground" in the setlist and the guest appearances are an added bonus.

    If you haven't already brought this album you're missing out!!
  • by Patrik Evaldsson
    Bery nice recording, kept good and clean for real live feeling. Very pleased, listen loud.
  • by Michael VerPlank
    CRASHDIET KICKS ASS EVERY TIME!!! So happy to see this is available now for all Crashdiet fans. I bought this when they were raising money for their tour and it was money well spent. Kiskass setlist from start to finish. Im old school so I put mine on a cd and I love to crank it to 11 til the speakers are ready to blow whether at home or in my car. Ive been a hardcore Diethead for 8 years now and have been lucky enough to see them live in 2011 and 2013 in US. This album is raw, in your face, balls to the wall rock n roll just like the live shows. Crank it up, you will feel like you are there. Also happy to have good recording of Simon singing old and new songs. HELL YEAH!!! This album has excellent sound quality and is full of passion and energy. That's what live music is all about and Crashdiet definitely has a live gem here. SO CHECK IT OUT AND RAISE YOUR FISTS AND ROCK IT MY FRIENDS YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! HELLS YEAH!!! RN'R FOREVER!!! DIEHARD DIETHEAD FOREVER!!!
  • by gianluca forenza
    it's a great live! sound is amazing and really takes you 'in' the live tour. The setlist has a lot of great songs (more than the italian tour 2013) so "the trip" is endless...! well done guys!!
  • by Hanna Rämö
    It's great that the band's live condition on last winter was recorded! The set list works very well and it's a perfect mix of old and new songs. Simon's voice is full of attitude, anarchy and rock'n'roll. Specially "Breakin the chainz" and "Chemical" sounds awesome on live from the old songs."Garden of Babylon" is one of the best songs from the new album and it really works on live too. In that song you can notice how well the band plays together at the moment. I should also mention "Liquid Jesus" because this live version is just great. I'm really happy that "Excited" is there too. It's my favorite song from the new album and I really hope that it would be on the set list in future too. On live it sounded even better than on the album. This record is what sleaze rock is about. It really takes you to the gig. Keep up the good work guys!
  • by Conny Landes
    This is actually one of the best ideas you vever had. It brings back wonderful memories of a great concert and some special time with you guys. It 's great to finally have some of the old songs performed by Simon and he does them credit, oh yes. My favs are It's a Miracle and the Blues Jam. It's an absolute must for every Crash fan imo and a perfect addition to the collection. I'm listening to it now and everytime I do I love it more. A special memory of a special (if cursed) tour which tightened the bond between Crashdiet and their fans even more. Kudos for having pulled it through despite the heavy obstacles in the way. You guys made me proud to be part of this *bows*
    Very Great Record!!! the sound is amazing, very nice song selection.Simon's voice sounds brilliant, Martin solos sound very clean, Peter's and Eric's base sound compact, everything is perfect in this album!, Congratulations guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i listen this cd all day! LARGA VIDA A CRASHDIET.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • by Jennifer Strutt
    My best friend and I missed seeing the band live here in the U.S. (hadn't heard of them until after they were in our city) and this recording helped to convince us to cash in our airline miles to fly to Stockholm and drive down to see the band in Copenhagen and Malmo in October! (Seriously - you only live once, right?!) It's that amazing. I own countless live recordings of various bands and usually find that the energy of the performance doesn't come across in a live recording - but this album is truly an exception - it's as raw and intoxicating as I would expect CrashDiet to be. The song list is great, and I was thrilled to see that Excited and Garden of Babylon were included. The download for the lossless version was quick and easy, and the artwork is fantastic! Can't wait for October to experience the band for myself!! - *Jenna*
  • by Giulio Erler
    "Scandinavian Hell Tour 2013" is a high quality live download by Crashdiet following their IndieGoGo Campaign.

    The opening track, Change The World, is a sort of hymn. It encorauges people to think with their own mind and live is just awesome. Circus is another track which comes from the street. Every word smells like gutter, while the guitar keep screaming like a hot girl for the entire song.

    The third song, Tikket, is a nice piece of songwriting and it's well performed by the current line-up. Although it has been written by Dave Lepard, Simon and the guyz play it with lots of feeling. Anarchy is just perfect for a live show: it has the words, the power and the blast of a riot.

    Then, Breakin The Chainz reminds us the old days, but nowadays it's played in a nice original way, so it sounds like it was written yesterday. Rebel: the title says all. It's one of the most loved track in Generation Wild, but the stage's taste glorify it in a mystic way.

    The work behind records infects the studio version of Chemical. Now we have the chance to hear it in a more natural way, enjoying every single note. Queen Obscene is a classic and one of the most beautiful song of the last decade. Live is pure madness, and the guyz know how to exalt it. Then we can admire the sounds of Got A Reason, with experimental riffs and guitar works. This is a nice piece of classic Rock 'n' Roll, and live is as raw as dirty sex.

    It's A Miracle and Riot In Everyone are pearls of Dave Lepard; but he's still in Crashdiet's hearts. We clearly feel him, even if they are sang by another rocker. Simon Cruz performs 'em well: in a personal way, but with the right sensations and emotions. Between those two masterpieces, we find Garden Of Babylon. The oriental shades are excited by this live version, which shows us that Crashdiet can make the difference with every song.

    Excited could be the sountrack of a Hollywood's Movie. The rythm and the lyrics explode on stage, this version is so emotional and unique. The piano of Otto Welton and the technique of Crashdiet narrate this urban story with feeling and pleasure.

    The presence of Liquid Jesus is a good surprise. It's a bonus track, so it wasn't expected to be heard live. Thin Lazy, Linda Öst and Otto Welton give the right “color” at this exibition. This song is perfect for parties and sad days. It took yer pain away. Another anthem is Generation Wild. The title track of the third album of Crashdiet was clearly written to be lived on stage. The lyrics are thrilling and attractive, clearly speaking about the rising of a generation. But every good generation should follow them.

    The last track of “Scandinavian Hell Tour 2013” is Cocaine Cowboys. The blues jam acting as intro is something Crashdiet never shared with the fans. It's another revelation of this show and introduces one of the rawest song of the latest studio work. On stage is just wonderful.

    So... This is my poor review. I just shared it with you all because this record was worth every money they ask. 100% recommended!

  • by Benjamin Boyle
    Great setlist. Especially very cool to hear Liquid Jesus, since it's not played often live. High quality recording, and as mentioned by others, a good mix of new and old CrashdĂŻet. Simon does it justice! Awesome!
  • by James R Spencer Jr
    Kick ass. You guys always knock it out of the park!!! Money well spent