The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

  • by Björn Lööf
    Great t-shirt! Excellent quality and cool colours. Love back prints too, so this one is a favorite. The delivery was faster than any other shop I've experienced ever. Wear it with pride and support the band!
  • by David Ellis
    Bought this at the show in L.A. for only 15 bucks. It's really comfortable and it fits well. I spent $40 at the Stones and the cotton was horrible-thick and hot. I've never worn it. This shirt I wear every day. I really like the purple on black. It reminds me of the first time I saw Ronnie James Dio sing with Black Sabbath and he wore that purple feather behind his ear.
  • by Mathias Kraken
    Great shirt, with great quailty printing. Already bought one during the tour and couldn't detain me of buying a second one. It's worth it :-) Ultra fast delivery, as always.
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