The Savage Playground Tour T-Shirt

  • by Tina Stern
    The style is great, I love the colors and the print. Like ever good work, perfect shirt and nothing to grumble about.
    A shirt, which saves memories. The tour was divine. Long live the savage playground and the mighty band behind.
  • by katsumi kawaguchi
    Color purple is very coool !!"The Savage Playground" European Tour data in the back print many .
    I'd like to re-set the JAPAN Tour ,Pleeeease !!
  • by Simone Höpel
    This shirt fits so great! The quality is awesome and I just love the motif!!
  • by Vincent Roquefort
    Very cool shirt. Fast shipping ! Thank you.
  • by Francesca Cionini
    If you have been to the last tour, you can't live without this tshirt :)
  • by Ludwig Nordlander
    awesome T-shirt! Fått många komplimanger för trycket och älskar trycket lika mycket själv :)
    Tröjan kom hem väldigt fort och hade inga problem överhuvudtaget i posten!
  • by Larissa Chiara Hilge
    Love this shirt! It's made of the perfect material, softly and just awesome!
    And it's a Crashdïet shirt, could it be more awesome?! :)
    THANX: very fast shipping and best quality ... a pleasure to deal with ... CHEERS
  • by Michael VerPlank
    I bought this shirt because I liked the picture on the front and the colors. Simon's and Peter's hair really stand out and this shirt just looks really cool. The shipping was lightning fast as always and the quality is great and it fits nicely. I love to wear this shirt and support my favorite band. So happy this shirt was made available as I did not get shirt when I seen Crashdiet on tour. THIS CRASHDIET SHIRT ROCKS!!!!!
  • by Simone Höpel
    I just love this shirt! The quality is so awesome!! It's now my favourite shirt! I love wearing it!!
    Thank you!
  • by Shaun Soutter
    Product came promptly and in perfect condition.
    These Tees are great quality and sit better than standard band tees.
    So glad this was sold online as I missed picking one up at the show I attended.
    Another fantastic T shirt from Crashdiet. Love the print on the front of the t shirt of the band. Yet again a quality t shirt.
  • by Gabriela Coppo
    Great Shirt..love it :)
  • by Björn Lööf
    Great t-shirt! Excellent quality and cool colours. Love back prints too, so this one is a favorite. The delivery was faster than any other shop I've experienced ever. Wear it with pride and support the band!
  • by David Ellis
    Bought this at the show in L.A. for only 15 bucks. It's really comfortable and it fits well. I spent $40 at the Stones and the cotton was horrible-thick and hot. I've never worn it. This shirt I wear every day. I really like the purple on black. It reminds me of the first time I saw Ronnie James Dio sing with Black Sabbath and he wore that purple feather behind his ear.
  • by Mathias Kraken
    Great shirt, with great quailty printing. Already bought one during the tour and couldn't detain me of buying a second one. It's worth it :-) Ultra fast delivery, as always.