• by Steven Holtry
    Great backpatch! Can't wait to put it on a vest!
  • by Sachiyo Kaneko
    I've pasted the patch to the bag. It's really cool👍🏻✨Love it❤❤❤
  • by Dmitrii Kostenko
    Well I expected that it's gonna be "stone" print like usual on most of back patches (it's when you do back patches from t-shirts or cotton bags instead) but no - really amazed by quality - soft and feels nice to touch. Ordered for my gf, now she wants to paint logo with pink color.. If something goes wrong gonna be back for another copy:))
  • by Daniela Hegemann
    I'm totally happy with this Backpatch!
    It has a good size. Fits fine on my womens jacket in small size, but would also be suitable for my older (adult) brothers back.
    You also can wash it by hand, but it may be better to watch out and spare the patch as much as you can. After half an year of wearing it nearly every day and around 2-3 times washed in the shower, on mine only some very small lines are a bit blurred.
    Thumbs up for the patch!
  • by Nina Kuehl
    Definitely the greatest backpatch ever!
  • by Paulina Myśków
    Oh God... Where is my jacket? I want this backpatch on my jacket now!
  • by Flavio Dechen
    Pretty nice backpatch, it's of great quality and fits pretty well on the back of my jacket!
  • by Anders Rosenkilde
    I love this backpatch! Great quality and looks awesome on my leather jacket m/
  • by Johanna Karlsson
    soooo cooooool!!!!
  • by Emelie Andersson
    Now I can wear my jacket with pride !
  • by Filip Witonski
    The detail on this patch is awesome! Gonna get this fitted as soon as I can :)
  • by Justin Jaquith
    I am proudly wearing this back patch on my battlejacket. Not many people know Crashdïet where I live but I have made it my goal to introduce my favourite band to as many people as I possibly can. This backpatch is helping me with that while looking awesome at the same time!
  • by KERRIE hawkins
    love my new backpatch, quality print, striking photo of the band, already pined to jacket to decorate and plan to make the jacket work well with the patch, postage was fast. THANK YOU CRASHDIET
  • by Barbara Fernandez
    It looks great in my denim jacket! Good quality and so badass-looking!
  • by Simone Höpel
    Great quality!! Looks awesome!!
  • by Chloe Greasley
    Nice little treat for yourself...instantly transforms a jacket and looks great on!
  • by darren hawkins
    Great Quality, very quick to arrive, the best present ever, awesome detail on the back patch, well worth the money, if your thinking of buying this patch don't hesitate .. but it .. it ROCKS!!!
  • by Martin Krüsh
    Definitely one of the best things I've bought in a while. This awesome patch will look brilliant on the back of my denim vest. Top quality, design and... band ;). You can never go wrong with CRASHDÏET merchandise!
  • by Camilla Sjölin
    Way bigger than I thought but it has great quality & looks great! Love it!
  • by Jim Thomas
    This patch is brilliant, makes my jacket look awesome, and fits well on the back of it, cheers guys! The delivery was also very prompt. My theory is that cause Crashdiet are such an amazing band, why would you not want this on the back of your jacket?
  • by Simone Höpel
    Love it!!
  • by Simone Höpel
    Great motif!! Awesome quality!!
  • by Rafael Jabur
    awesome,good size,great to put on your jacket, its such a bad ass patch!!!

    Its time to put this backpatch in your jacket, raise your fist high,screamin' it out loud and knockk 'em Down! yes we re the generation wild!!!
  • by Piia Koivunen
    Really good quality and it looks amazing!
    Also it fits perfectly to my jacket! _3
  • by Simone Höpel
    I've sewed on my hoodie, it looks so awesome! Now I wear it everyday! The quality is so great and the motif rocks!