The Savage Playground (Gatefold LP)

  • by Anthony Nickel
    Great album! Great quality! Awesome band pic int he gatefold!
  • by Pamela Jane Godfrey
    Savage Playground is bloody fantastic, the L.P plays on my record player, every weekend, as I work long hours, I only play loud music, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, ( all my neighbours are subjected to your music) No one has complained yet.
    Lots a love.xxxx
  • by Marc Edgar
    I am extremely happy about this album. Thanks a lot for all signing it. Hoping for generation wild to be back in stock.
  • by Jasen Carmean
    Artwork on the sleeve is badass and the sound quality is phenomenal. Couldn't be happier.
  • by Peter Halin
    The deliverytime was decent, considering the christmas rush and everything, and the communication was really good. The record itself, even if packed good, was warped, but it still played without skipping with my turntable.
  • by Gonzalo Alejo GarcĂ­a Ameijenda
    Another awesome vynil release... also signed from the full band so a beautiful collection stuff... we NEED to have Rest in Sleaze on Vynil too!!! :)
  • by Thomas Hultbrand
    My son is a long time fan and he got this personally signed and he was so happy!
    Thanx for taking care of the younger fans as well and good luck in the future.
    Jag tackar Ä grabbens vÀgnar.
    Han Àr som ni vet ett stort fan och blev överlycklig nÀr han fick denna personligt signerad.
    Han fick ju Àven trÀffa er i somras i Göteborg och "det var bÀsta dan i mitt liv" sa han pÄ tÄget hem sedan:-)
    ÄndĂ„ har han trĂ€ffat sina andra idoler Kiss i Stockholm tidigare i Ă„r, dĂ„ fattar ni storheten.
    Tack för att ni tar hand om era fans och verkligen bryr er, lycka till Àven i fortsÀttningen!
    Och ja, jag tycker oxÄ plattan Àr riktigt bra! Och LP Àr ju grejen igen! ;-)
  • by katsumi kawaguchi
    The most important sleazy rock albums of 2013.Simon is entangled in the music of all,it was the front man of the band both in name and reality.Sleazy catchy.Expected to live show swells enough to listen If you listen!
  • by C. Gina Huber
    The sound and print quality is amazing and I was happy, when I opened it and actually found it signed by all band members!
  • by Patrik Evaldsson
    Fantastic album, very nice artwork. Extra plus for the printed inner sleave.
  • by Roger Salonius
    What is there to say? Simply amazing record!
  • by Scott Adabashi
    Just got this today. Fantastic presentation of the Gatefold LP with amazing photo work. This album has improved much more lyrically on past albums and the content of the songs are brilliant! You've done a great job guys! goes well with the rest of my vinyl collection. Keep it up!!!!!
  • by Satu Hakonen
    ItÂŽs a great album, hopefully IÂŽll get a signed album! If not, IÂŽm satisfied to just get it on vinyl!!!
    The Helsinki gig was great!!!! ThankÂŽs!!