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Date Added: 02/25/2014 by MICHAEL HADTRATH
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WOW! Why didn't I get this sooner? This covers so much great stuff! The live songs sound so awesome ...

Date Added: 01/30/2014 by Justin Jaquith
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Amazing movie! I have wanted to get this for a long time and am extremely glad I was finally able to...

Date Added: 01/29/2014 by Spike Diamond
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This dvd must be owned if you like Crashdiet!!!!!! I met Peter and Crashdiet in Montreal not long ag...

Date Added: 01/26/2014 by stephen erwin
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very cool video the pal version plays on everything ive tried it on so far here in the us .never the...

Date Added: 01/22/2014 by Chad Erdmann
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Excellent DVD. Band honored my request to sign the insert. TONS of stuff included int he DVD. Almost...

Date Added: 01/10/2014 by Marc Edgar
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This DID is so awesome! There's hours of stuff on here like concerts, interviews, acoustic stuff, an...

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