Shattered Glass And Broken Bones - DVD [PAL]

  • by Corinna Wagner
    Really interesting DVD with a nice blend of live material and behind the scenes stuff. There are also English subtitles for most of the parts that are spoken in Swedish.
  • by Kim Pratley
    Received my order really quickly and was really impressed with this DVD. I watched it 3 times in the one week. Highly recommend this to everyone
    Good to see a little bit of footage from the Australian show which I attended.
  • by Hannah Rigby
    Best DVD… ever! I love the documentary style part of this DVD and the acoustic set, wow! This DVD is packed with enough stuff to make your head spin and then there are subtitles for us non-Swedish folks to understand what is going on! I love it and if you are a true fan, you will too!
  • by Bob Mossop
    excellent! so much fun thanks!!
  • by Concierta de Looze
    Amazing quality!
    I bought this one for my best friend's birthday, she became a big fan right after I let her hear Crashdiet.
    When I asked if it could be packed in some kind of crashdiet package paper it came with a poster.
    The autographs of all bandmembers on that small card was so awesome. Thank you so much. This made my friend so happy!

    We watched this DVD non-stop trough midnight and I'd never regret that!~ _3 Love
  • by claire martin
    Rockin Video you guys are amazing live ,love meeting you guys too keep Rocking Hard !!!
  • by Simone Höpel
    Best DVD ever!!!
  • by Tommy Forsman
    Grejt röij
  • by Jana Zobel
    great songs and a good view behind all that stuff what a band need to do
    a lot of fun

    rock on m/
  • by Francesco Longo
    this is the most awesome Rock N' Roll DVD i have ever seen ...packed full of awesome stuff ,great footage and kicks serious ass!!! Highly Recommend this ...go ahead and buy it..you wont be dissapointed .
  • by matthew hudson
    This DVD is awesome! It is a great step from the previous DVD...there is so much to watch and its a great ride through the bands recent years. Can't wait for the next one ;)
  • by Susanne Thormann
    it was the best medicine for my bad cold, cause i had so much fun to see the guys and hear the music :)
  • by Simone Höpel
    Love this DVD!!
  • by Simone Höpel
    Super awesome DVD!!!
  • by Jeanette Petersson
    I know that I have already reviewed the DVD but just for the record-Save Her is one of the best songs I have ever heard.
    Stay strong guys!
    All Yours,Jeanette
  • by Jeanette Petersson
    This one have already saved many nights after a long day at work.
    I want to sell T-shirts or something for you guys instead,...
    I would come running...
    Please release more DVD´s soon!
  • by Simone Höpel
    I just love this DVD!! There is so much material on it. From live music to bandhistory!! I can't stop watching it!! A musthave for Crashdiet fans!
  • by Katri Kumasaka
    I have wanted to see this band play live since they released their first album in 2005, but they have been very elusive and I have never managed to be in the same country at the same time with them. Watching this DVD has quenched some of my curiosity of how it would be to see them play live. This DVD isn't a live concert DVD per se, but the songs from the different concerts mingle nicely with - sometimes very random - bits of footage from making of Generation wild album and the long tour that followed it. And in some strange way, when it's all put together, everything makes a perfect sence. The cherry on top of everything is the unplugged concert from Stockholm, which can be found under the extras menu. It's really nice to see how well the band plays together and how they still manage to have the Crashdiet sound even without their electric guitars.
  • by Simone Höpel
    The DVD is super awesome!! It's so cool that there is not just live music, but also band history! I just love it!! I can't stop watching it over and over again! And there is so much on it!! The quality is so great
  • by Mirka Bedrichova
    "It's 13th of January 2009 and we're going to try out this faggot over here." aka You know this is gonna be fun from the right beginning, haha. Great DVD including live shows, photo sessions, making of "Generation Wild" and tons of backstage material. Every CRASHDĂŹET fan's must!
  • by Vincent Roquefort
    This dvd is fucking awesome ! It's really a must-buy for anyone who dig Crashdiet.
  • by Judith Garcia
    :D _3!!!
  • by Karina Michalczak
    I really love, how the DVD tells a story, with live songs, backstage material etc.
    But the best is the acoustic concert on that DVD. Can't stop watching it!
  • by Giulio Erler
    'Shattered Glass and Broken Bones' is the third dvd released by Crashdiet.

    While 'Rest in Sleaze dvd' was raw and natural, 'The Unattractive Revolution Tour' one polished the sound a lot. But these two have got the same nature in common: the main section contains an entire live-show, and extras are placed in the 'b-side'. However, they are a 'must have' for fans, which can admire the great performances of Dave Lepard and Olliver Twisted.

    'Shattered Glass and Broken Bones' is mastered in a different way, so it sounds less boring. Actually, the extras are mixed with the live songs, so it seems to be more a documentary than a live show recording.

    This is an interesting idea, also great for newcomers in the Diet's world.

    We can taste the live footage filmed between 2009 and 2012, together with the history of Crashdiet starting from Twisted's departure. We can watch the guys performing Down With The Dust, Native Nature, Armageddon, So Alive, Rebel, Save Her, Chemical just to name a few.

    Lots of extras will please old and new Dietheads; including the process behind the recording of the 'Generation Wild Video' and an unplugged live show.
    This dvd is also full of madness and sleaze, like Crash-guyz are!

    A great enhancement is the existence of subtitles spelled in English, so the Dvd is more understandable for foreign rockers.

    If you plan to buy this item, be prepared for 3 hours of pure rock & roll adrenaline!

    It's 100% recomended, due to its length and variety.

    // Julius Leopard
  • by paolo ripamonti
    great dvd! it captures all the crazyness about Crashdiet! Fuckin' rock!!!!
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