Whiskey T-Shirt (Black)

  • by claire martin
    love this top really looks good on my boyfriend ,i want one too .
  • by Miriam Berninger
    Very good quality! I love it :-)
  • by Nick Eriksson
    Amazing product, I really the style on this product and quality is excellent. I have been using it a lot during the last few weeks :) Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • by Simone Höpel
    Love it, best shirt ever!!
  • by stephen erwin
    totally cool shirt good quality and promotes one of the coolest bands around
  • by Alexandra Bartels
    The shirt is just amazing. Soft texture and wonderful print. One of my favourit shirts^^

    I will definitely order again from you guys ;)
  • by Francesco Longo
    fantastic shirt...very awesome design and VERY good quality too....this shirt is a absolute Must for any Crashdiet fan .
  • by Eric Moscoso
    The quality of the material and the print is really good!! The shape is not that of a normal t-shirt but a bit shaped and tight to the body so, even if I ordered an XXL shirt thinking on hiding those extra belly kilos, seems I will def. have to loose some weight to feel comfortable in it. But, if you keep yourself fit, then its a great t-shirt!!
  • by Lee Fletcher
    Top quality t-shirt, great service and fast delivery, you guys rock...
  • by Volker Bußieck
    This shirt rocks. Good quality!
  • by James John Douglas
    great quality and speedy deliverly same great service as always
  • by dan manish
    Kickass T-shirt. Material is of higher quality then most band shirts. Also really good customer service. Will order more in the future.
  • by Conny Landes
    I always wanted to have that particular shirt in black so I'm a very happy bunny now. It's hight quality and beautiful and comfy and I just love it.

  • by Simone Höpel
    Awesome quality!! Fits perfect!!
  • by Simone Höpel
    This shirt is sooo great!! I just love the motif, especially on the back!! The material and the size are perfect! It's my new favorite shirt!
  • by katsumi kawaguchi
    Must buy Crashdiet Fans!! "Whiskey T-Shirt" Basic.members also know and love!
    character of "Swedish SLAZE " is so cooooool !!
  • by Dakota Gill
    I cannot say enough about this shirt, the quality is phenomenal and the shirt is very comfortable, very soft material. In my opinion, this is not "just another band t-shirt" the quality is heads above other (more prominent) band shirts that I own.

    Get this, you will not be disappointed!
    THANX for fast shipping. The shirt is best quality and looks like hell. This one will be one of my favorite shirts. Every time again and a pleasure to deal with. Cheers and hope to see you guys next time on the road.
  • by Bill Johnson
    If there 10 stars I would rate this shirt at that I love it wear it all the time and spred the work
  • by Gareth Gras
    im so glad they have made this available i mised out on getting one when i saw them in 2011
    This t shirt is amazing. I love print on the front & back & it is fantastic quality. I would recommend this t shirt as a must own for Crashdiet Fans.
  • by Adam Hall
    Really awesome t-shirt! Fast delivery.
  • by Björn Lööf
    Great t-shirt! Love it when they have both front and back print. Excellent quality too. My new favorite t-shirt. The delivery was faster than lightning.
  • by René Westh
    very high quality, well made shirt, I love the way the shirt feels it's very comfortable.
  • by Bill Johnson
    Awesome looks and feels great I wear it all the time to show my support and speed the word ill be getting my 5 th shirt soon