Whiskey T-Shirt (Black)

  • by Steven Holtry
    Amazing shirt, amazing print. Couldn't ask for anything better!
  • by Cody buechele
    Just got it in today! This thing fucking rules! Been a fan for many years but for whatever reason never got around to order some gear... Glad I did though. You get so much more than what you pay for! Thanks guys! See you in the US.
  • by Andrew Quigley
    I've bought 6 shirts from the shop now, and this is one of my favorites. I love the design, and it is probably the softest Crashdiet shirt I own. The only problem is that I can't wear this t-shirt to work with the F-bombs. hahaha
  • by Brett Harrison
    Excellent quality shirt. Great material, and soft as well! The fit was a little bit slimmer than I expected, but a few modifications and it will be fine :) Keep up with the awesome quality merch!! Cheers!!
  • by George Jakubowski
    I love this shirt it is exactly as I expected. Soft t-shirt material out of the package.
  • by Thomas Dahl
    I just fucking love this t-shirt. It's top quality.
  • by Melissa Jarrett
    Awesome t-shirt, great graphics, excellent sizing and great quality. Made my partners xmas only regret I couldnt afford one for myself.
  • by Aaron Wagner
    These shirts are so awesome!! The fit is perfect, just like my other CRASHDIET shirts. Its super comfortable too, thin and kinda stretcy, with a nice neckline. Obviously, the graphics are amazing, what's cooler than a Jack Daniel's homage? The back image is rad too, I love the 'crash fucking diet' in script above the skulls picture. Like all my CRASHDIET merch, this shirt gets a lot of attention when I wear it. My closet is quickly filling up with CRASHDIET merch!!
  • by Mitch McCann
    Top quality shirt, amazing design and great fit
  • by Chris Pidgen
    Bought this tshirt twice now as it is without a doubt the best shirt I have ever paid money for! Even better, is the fact that the second time I bought one it was of a higher quality material, much more comfortable, the design was printed better and of course, it just looks awesome! Would've given it 5/5 the first time i bought it but the improvements made on the quality of the product make it at least a 6/5 now ;) Might even have to buy a third one as my first one is getting a bit old and tattered from being worn too much (it's just that good a shirt i cant resist wearing it)
  • by Matt Venslauskas
    Good Quality, Awesome Design & Comfortable!
  • by Roozbeh Nazer
    Great quality. Fast shipping to Canada!
  • by Andreas Naumann
    Very, very Good!!!
  • by vilhelm sahlin
    I've got the stuff and I like them ;)
  • by Johanna Karlsson
    Sååå snygg!
  • by Corinna Wagner
    The Shirt is high quality and really nice to wear. The print is really good too. I'd recommend it, it's totally worth it's price!
  • by Marco Stasi
    fits true to the size and print and shirt quality are great! my crazy exgirlfriend stole it from me and it looks like i won't get it back... i think i'll just buy it again!
  • by lars dekan
    great quality,i will order some more of this shirt
  • by lars dekan
  • by Antti Grundell
    Print is good, but the shirt itself is quite thin cotton, and I think it's a slim fit. I'm a big guy and the sleeves were pretty tight. Had to strech it a little bit after first wash. I think I need to cut the sleeves off..
  • by Mark Bruehning
    I know that any sleaze band has this motive but it`s f*ckin` cool anyways!!!
    Top quality, fair price. Support the Underground!!!
  • by Nyle Robertson-Hall
    Great fit and really comfortable, softest cotton I've ever felt from a band t-shirt, you guys know how to look after your fans!
  • by Michael Martin
    Arrived quickly and exactly as described! The material is soft, the fitting is perfect and the design is simply badass.
    Quality sleaze! Very impressed!
  • by Patrick Kelly
    Awesome quality shirt and great shipping/friendly communication AS ALWAYS! =)
  • by Marc Edgar
    This shirt is awesome! Very good quality and very comfortable. Definitily buying more