Generation Wild World Tour T-Shirt

  • by Mario Scheiber
    Very cool shirt! Fast shipping and very friendly contact! Thanx!!
  • by Harald Brøyn
    my favourite crashdiet shirt! it looks wicked!:-)
  • by Carina Roda
    Great T-shirt! It fits very well even for the girls! Great design and great quality! I love the detail of the concert dates on the back!!
  • by katsumi kawaguchi
    Great quality! "Generation Wild" tour data in the back print many . So Fuckin' CooL !!
  • by Alana Ferguson
    Really nice quality T-shirt and print. Washes really well too. Love it! Awesome service and great communications :)
  • by Yui Nakamura
    I could get a long-sought Crashdiet T-shirt!
    Awesome! I'll want to wear everyday. =)
  • by Brandon Holtry
    Me and my dad have this shirt, but we ended up buying another one for my little brother and he loves it :) he actually wore it his first day of first grade. Always gonna represent Crashdïet even at a young age right? (:
  • by Anna Mascheroni
    One of the best T-shirts of your webshop, great quality!!!
  • by Diana Aldonso
    Awesome t-shirt. I love it, especially the print.
  • by Sumantri Wongso
    perfect!!!! so glam!!
  • by michael auld
    very fasy delivery and fantastic quality
  • by Lara Harris
    Well it's exactly what the website says it will be. The designs are properly printed, not just transfers. The material itself isn't really heavyweight but it's not a cheap flimsy tee either.
    Got this LOADS quicker than I expected, and was told when my order shipped so I knew what was going on.
    Quick note on sizing: I'm a UK girl's size petite 8 and wanted something a little baggy; I got size S and it's just right. If anything, it's a tiny bit smaller than what I was after. So basically- girls can wear the Boyz tshirts too!
  • by Baskoro Siwi
  • by Baskoro Siwi
  • by Mathias Kraken
    Awesome quality and shape, like all the shirts from Crashdiet. Shipping was as fast as ever.
  • by Anna Louise Hughes
    Bought this t-shirt for my boyfriend. He thinks it's awesome, has good quality and looks great!
  • by Diane Dodgson
    Love this shirt, definitely worth buying. Go on guys buy this it's such a great price!
  • by Steven Holtry
    Love the print on this shirt. The front and back are absolutely amazing. Definitely an amazing shirt that everyone should own!
  • by Gabriela Coppo
    FANTASTIC..Love it
  • by Caroline Karlsson
    I love how dark this T-shirt is compared to the others. The print and quality is as always perfect!
  • by keeley leman
    i bought this top to turn into a vest top and its awesome!!!! delivery was alot quicker than i expected and to make things even better I recieved some stickers and postcard as i requested!! thanks guys:) xxx
  • by Steven Holtry
    Absolutely love this shirt. The colors, the fit, the dates, its just perfect.
  • by Brett Mason
    Fantastic as always. I have purchased 10 different clothing items from the crashdiet webshop. Everything has been fantastic quality with super fast shipping. Best store I have dealt with to date.