Sick Butt Beautiful Manties / Hot Pants

Sick Butt Beautiful Manties / Hot Pants






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The Story

I'd like to call these manties as they work just as good for boyz as for girlz. So, Hot Pants or Man-Panties... You decide... :D

Printed on Continental N73 which is definitely the highest quality (and comfiest) manties I've ever seen!

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Overall Rating: Star Rating

  • Star Rating
    By: Maxi Neubert December 03, 2014
    These pants fit perfectly and make a hot bottom. I need absolutely more of it ;)
  • Star Rating
    By: Akiko Maekawa November 04, 2014
    I bought the largest one. They are perfect for me. Especially the word "Sick Butt Beautiful" because I am the one. Thank you, guys.
  • Star Rating
    By: valentina zuin November 01, 2014
    My new pole dance hot pants, love them! Even if a size more would have been a bit better for me, the fitting is very nice!
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