Savage Playground Promo Poster

Savage Playground Promo Poster




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The Story

We still have a few left of these laying around, and I supposed it's a better idea to put them here in our store than to throw them away :).

These were used in the awesome Street team campaign we had while promoting the Savage Playground album, ...but we ran out of shipping money before we were out of posters haha...

Will be shipped separately in a cardboard tube.


Size 70 * 50cm (approx 25,7 * 19,6 inches).


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    TEXT_BY_2 Steven Holtry October 23, 2015
    Great poster. Awesome colors, perfect size. Looks great on our little Crashdiet wall. :D
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    TEXT_BY_2 justin cotchin January 13, 2014
    Excellent poster very kindly signed by the band. Now has pride of place on a bedroom wall. Arrived in great condition and well packaged in a tube. Also had some free stickers with it. Crackin.! m/
  • Star Rating
    TEXT_BY_2 justin cotchin December 18, 2013
    Brilliant poster, signed by the band, and that really was a fantastic thing for the boys to do. Arrived well packaged and even a couple of free stickers as well.