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The Story

An awesome poster flag, quite big too : 67 x 97 cm! (26 x 38 inches).

Superior quality.

The additional picture is an actual picture of it hanging on my bedroom door. And, as you can see it wasn't easy to get a good picture of it hehe.

Fits nicely on your door too :D.




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    By: Sara Volpe January 13, 2015
    Very nice flag,I like so much. It seems to have CrashDiet here! hehe :)
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    By: Marco Anelli January 08, 2015
    This flag is amazing! Never seen a poster like this! The quality is very very good and it doesn't ruin over time. It is very big and i love to admire it when i'm in my room. Onestly it's better than i thought. The colours are perfect and the picture is very clearly and good. I think it is one of the best and beautiful things in this store :) Everyone love is it so maybe you should put on sale more flag like this with different picture even if this one is so cool :) Amazing stuff! ^^ thanks!!
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    By: Marco Anelli January 06, 2015
    This flag is amazing!Have to give 5 stars rating!When it arrived it was better than I expected! The quality is perfect and the flag is very big so it may be the first thing that people see when they are in my room!I think it's one of the most beautiful things in this store :) I love the picture on it with all the signatures! It wasn't shipped immediately but it was only for a my request :D When it was sent it took only a few days so at least the shipping was very quick!
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