Rest In Sleaze (CD)

Rest In Sleaze (CD)




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The Story

The groundbreaking debut album of CRASHDÏET.
Released in August 2005.




1. Knock 'em down
2. Riot in everyone
3. Queen obscene
4. Breakin' the chainz
5. Needle in your eye
6. Tikket
7. Out of line
8. It´s a miracle
9. Straight outta hell
10. Back on trakk



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    TEXT_BY_2 Américo Ferraiuolo Montes October 15, 2015
    I love that album, all the songs and the sound quality are amazing. The shipping was faster than what I expected. The best part is that they singed to me!!! That guys are very retailer, and this is something that I treasure. Good price, good shipping and awesome album! They have my 5 stars. Thanks!! :DD
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    TEXT_BY_2 Tibor Antal December 18, 2014
    Nice album
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    TEXT_BY_2 TATHYANA SZMIDZIUK December 06, 2014
    This CD is perfect from start to finish! * - * I love the voice of Dave! But the voice of Simon is amazing, and I think he's perfect in Crashdiet! I already loved Jailbait, but I'm very happy for him to be part of Crashdiet. I want to thank Peter for everything! He was amazing!!!! Thanxxxx :)